10 Great Movie & TV Performances Everyone Forgets About

Steve Buscemi is one of Hollywood’s most famous and versatile actors. Over the years he has appeared in countless film and television projects, giving memorable performances in various Coen Brothers films, Adam Sandler comedies and, of course, as the main man of HBO. Boardwalk Empire.

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Because he has been so prolific during his career, he has also given a large number of great performances that the mainstream audience remembers less. These range from cameos in big movies, to supporting performances in India on a low budget, to guest starring appearances on popular TV shows. Here are ten great characters he portrayed that everyone has forgotten.

ten Adolpho Rollo – In the soup

Director Alexander Rockwell caused a sensation at the Sundance Film Festival, where his comedy In the soup won the Grand Jury Prize. Steve Buscemi plays Adolpho Rollo, a tricked-out aspiring filmmaker who can’t sell his epic script and whose acting gigs don’t pay enough to cover his bills. He dreams of a life of romance with his neighbor, but knows that he won’t be unless he is successful in show business. He teams up with a con artist named Joe, played by the great Seymour Cassel, to make it happen.

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Rockwell has never been able to replicate the success of In the soup and become a renowned director, and thus the film was largely forgotten. It is always worth looking for.

9 Buscemi – Desperado

Robert Rodriguez action film 1995 Desperado is best known for putting Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek on the map. Steve Buscemi also has a small but important role in the film, as a character named “Buscemi”. In the opening scene, he walks into a bar and tells the bartender a story about a massacre at another bar by a mysterious gunslinger.

This tense but oddly humorous scene sets the stage for the rest of the film. Sadly, Buscemi is killed pretty early on, but he still leaves an impression.

8 Art Masterson – ER

Steve Buscemi appeared as a guest star in the acclaimed series’ Season 14 finale IS. He plays Art Masterson, who shows up drunk in a black suit and tie at the hospital. The police inform the medics that they have just received instructions from their lieutenant to stay there until further notice. Art regrets letting his family down and insists that there are people after him who want him dead.

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Like many of Buscemi’s characters, Art is quirky, mysterious, and a little dangerous. This episode received rave reviews, in large part thanks to its performance and character storyline, as well as the shocking final moments of the series.

7 “Buddy Holly” – Pulp Fiction

Steve Buscemi in Pulp Fiction

Buscemi gave a fantastic and memorable performance as Mr. Pink in Quentin Tarantino’s debut film, Reservoir dogs. His role in the follow-up to Tarantino, Pulp Fiction, is much smaller, and because the film has so many classic scenes, Buscemi’s role as “Buddy Holly,” the waiter at the 1950s themed restaurant, Jack Rabbit Slim’s, is almost forgotten these days.

Tarantino is a stick when it comes to casting, and Buscemi’s looks and demeanor made him the perfect fit for this small but funny, deadpan role.

6 Nikita Krushchev – The Death of Stalin

Director Antonio Iannucci directed the 2009 hit political comedy In the loop. 2017 Stalin’s death is a satirical interpretation of the struggle for power in the USSR after the sudden death of Joseph Stalin. Buscemi plays Nikita Krushchev, one of many schemers who seek power as the government remains leaderless.

The film was a big hit with critics, but only met modest box office success despite its rave reviews. It’s smart, fast-paced satire with a terrific ensemble cast.

5 Johnny Flynn – Kansas City

Steve Buscemi Kansas City

Kansas City is a detective film directed by the great Robert Altman, which received mixed reviews in 1996. Like most of Altman’s work, the film is thin on plot, focusing more on mood and l atmosphere than anything else. Buscemi plays Johnny Flynn, a political fixer determined to win votes for his candidate using the most unsavory methods.

The film is perhaps best known for its musical performances. Altman filmed concert footage of modern musicians recreating Kansas City’s great jazz scene and incorporated this material into the film, making Kansas City a rewarding cinematic experience, but perhaps a bit confusing.

4 Various roles – Portlandia

Steve Buscemi Portlandia

Buscemi appeared in five episodes of the comedy series Portlandia, including the pilot in which he plays a confused customer at a feminist bookstore. Perhaps his best appearance was in season four, when he played Marty, an hapless celery seller who takes desperate measures to increase his sales.

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He visits the “bacon guy,” whom he asks for help in getting the celery to cool again, but his conditions are less than favorable.

3 Eddie – Escape from LA

Steve Buscemi escape from LA

“How did you get out of Beverly Hills? Nobody ever got out alive?” said “Map to the Stars Eddie” by Buscemi in 1996 Escape LA, John Carpenter’s sequel to his post-apocalyptic cult classic Escape to New York. To say that this episode didn’t live up to the original is an understatement, because Escape from LA was among the most notorious box office flops of its decade. Still, Buscemi’s performance as a twisted interactive travel salesman is one of the film’s reducing qualities.

His friendliness makes him a good foil for Kurt Russell’s straightforward machismo, and the two are therefore an entertaining duo in their scenes together.

2 Homeless Dude – Big Daddy

1999 Grandpa, Like most Adam Sandler vehicles, it was a flop with critics but a major hit with the public. Sandler plays Sonny Koufax, who adopts a young boy posing as his father. Buscemi plays an unnamed homeless man who ends up testifying in favor of Sonny’s parenting abilities during Sonny’s trial.

This is one of the many Buscemi-Sandler collaborations. Buscemi has played supporting roles in numerous Sandler projects, including Mr. Deeds, Billy Madison, now I pronounce you Chuck and Larry, and others.

1 Ed – One-eyed Jimmy’s Search

Steve Buscemi Research One Eye Jimmy

Finding Jimmy One-Eye is a low-budget independent comedy about a young filmmaker who returns to his old Brooklyn neighborhood to film a documentary. He ends up investigating the disappearance of a local and the mysterious characters who are looking for him.

Buscemi is part of a large ensemble cast including Samuel L. Jackson, John Turturro and Sam Rockwell, and The Sopranos’ Tony Sirico. The film went unnoticed upon release, grossing less than $ 100,000 at the total box office, but is currently available to stream online.

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