10 Inspiring Hand Tattoo Designs For Girls

The hands are one of the best places to ink a tattoo. Inking on hands comes with many advantages, such as; you will feel less pain while inking, and you can flaunt or hide your tattoo whenever you want. 

There are various hand tattoo designs available out there to try. The hand tattoos cover places like fingers, forearms, wrists, and inner arms. Check out these amazing hand tattoos for girls to draw inspiration from, and choose the tattoo that will perfectly suit you. 

Skull Hand Tattoo

Teenagers and young adults are drooling over this stunning design. You can get it inked on the back of your hand. Skull tattoos look appealing, and you can customize them according to your taste. Add your favorite quote, flowers, etc to this tattoo to make it more interesting. 

Traditional Hand Tattoo

A traditional hand tattoo is placed on the upper palm of your hand. If you are fond of traveling and exploring the world, this tattoo will be perfect for you. It symbolizes that you are a person who will cross stormy areas of your life bravely just like a sailor crosses all the storms in the sea. Use bold shades of colors like black, yellow, or red for this tattoo, and you will slay in it. 

Small Hand Tattoo For Women

Those women who like to keep it simple can opt for the small tattoo. This tattoo is dainty, minimalistic, and appears quite pretty. The placement of this tattoo is on your fingers. You can use black ink only to enhance this design, giving you an attractive style. 

Henna-Inspired Hand Tattoo

Are you a fan of henna art? We bring you this tattoo which is inspired by the traditional art of henna/Mehendi. Henna designs are vast in that you can see mandalas, semi-circular motifs, etc. Henna tattoo gives gorgeousness to your hands going down your arm. Go for brown or black ink for this tattoo. 

Fierce Hand Tattoo

Are you a “My life, My rules” kind of woman? If yes, then this fierce tattoo is just for you. It has a fierce tiger that gives the badass vibes. So, if you are women who don’t give a damn to her haters, go for this savage tattoo. You can use any color for this design, and your hand’s back will be a suitable place for this tattoo. 

Heart Hand Tattoo

One of the cutest small tattoos for girls

A heart is a positive symbol of love and affection. You can get this tattoo design on your fingers. It looks neat and delicate, and both men and women can wear this tattoo. A jet-black ink will be better for this design. Wear this design to spread love wherever you go. 

Dragon Eye Hand Tattoo

For a long time, dragons have been the epitome of power and magic. This tattoo will show the powerful and bold side of your personality. The placement of this tattoo is done on the lower part of your hand’s back. Use vibrant shades such as teal blue or electric green for this design. This design is ideal for those who want to give some fiery vibes through their tattoo. 

Star Tattoo For The Hand

Star tattoos are one of the cutest tattoo designs for girls. It is also one of those tattoos that you can get along with your BBF as a token of your eternal friendship. This tattoo gives off feminine energy, and you can experiment with this design to make it according to your taste. The fingers and your hand’s side portion will be the best position for placement of this tattoo. Use black colored ink for it, and you are ready to rock in this tattoo. 

Floral Hand Tattoo

Flowers have been a significant part of tattoo art as well as the fashion world. A flower tattoo is mesmerizingly cute and meaningful. You can ink a flower according to your birth month or the flower of your choice. Your thumb and fingers are appropriate places for this flower tattoo. The black color or other pastel hues will be ideal for this tattoo design. 

Feather Hand Tattoo

Perfectly suitable for people of all ages, a feather tattoo is simple, dainty, and charming. A feather symbolizes freedom, courage, and strength and is sweet as a small tattoo. The lower portion of your thumb is an ideal place to get this tattoo. You can go for any color, but black makes this tattoo more attractive. 

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