4 Work-Life Balancing Tips From Real Teachers

Teachers have a huge responsibility, often greater than parents. They are the centerpiece of every educational institution. Without good educators, the framework of an institution is impossible. Students learn about life, subjects, concepts, and way of living indirectly from an institution, and under the direct guidance of reliable educators. The ERP for school plans and manages its curriculum only with the recommendations of experienced teachers. 

However, we should not forget that teachers are individuals too. They have a life separate from their field of profession, which is teaching. Managing their personal life and their professional ones with a fine line separating these two is almost impossible. Teachers work full-time come we have seen this during the pandemic when the LMS portals needed constant monitoring. Whatever doubts students face, their best result is a teacher. How can they maintain a proper vault and personal life balance? Before we know how we should understand why this balance is necessary.

Importance of work-life balance

Not every teacher likes to carry work home, grading sheets, making question papers, planning assignments, and school schedules in their free time. Being a full-time teacher with no professional life balance has a few adverse effects such as;


Efficiency comes with specialization. teachers cannot specialize if they are Focusing on too many things at a time. dedicating little yet intense periods to their professional life allows teachers remain organized.


Improper balance of work life burns out educators, cutting short their teaching career. The early stages are burnout phases. When left unchecked, these phases can become prolonged causing permanent burnout.


When educators spend too much time indulging in a classroom, they don’t give themselves enough time to refine their skills. With the dynamic education system, teachers should constantly learn trending teaching tips and methodologies to adapt to learning lifestyles. Dedicating too much time to students takes out hours from their routine which could have contributed to improving their teaching skills.

Ideas for a balanced life

After rummaging through hundreds of tips given by real and experienced teachers, we have listed the most useful ideas to help you balance your life.

Use your planning skills

Teachers are professionally trained to plan the perfect schedule for an academic year. If they can lead hundreds of students to success every year, they can incorporate similar planning values into their life too. 

You need to plan about;

  • Everyday schedule
  • Progression of activities through the week, and the day
  • Important tasks, assignments, events, and school programs

For maximum efficiency, separate the routine planning for your work life and personal life to avoid confusion. Teachers might skip some household tasks to complete school tasks first, and forget the dryer said activity altogether.

List down favorite topics

Teaching can get boring, it isn’t fun and games all the time. Kindergarten assistants and educators have a lot of responsibility since younger students have more energy and need a lot of effort to manage. The mental exertion for high school and university teachers overwhelms them. In such cases, to avoid burnout and monotonicity in work life, teachers should list their favorite activities. 

The tricky part is, that no teacher is free enough to participate in fun activities all the time. They must add fun to their work life too. If you find certain topics or classroom activities interesting enough you might want to list them down and lighten the mood for yourself and your students. After all, education is not only about learning, it is about having fun while doing it. 


This is the age of gadgets and the gifts of the Internet. Teachers can connect with high-tech professionals who have been in the teaching career for years. Their time management and life balancing tips again help budding teachers learn.

Modern-age technologies can be difficult to understand, but with proper networking, with other teachers, they can come together to solve an issue and learn from each other. Hi-tech friends allow you to come out of burnout phases. 

Bribe yourself

Don’t feel guilty about taking a break from the hectic teaching life. Go on a vacation, spend time with your family, and do what it takes to get your focus back on imparting education efficiently. Real teachers maintain a unique personality that is as inclined towards living life to the fullest as it is towards making the lives of students better.


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