5 Great Qualities of A Good Supervisor: What You Should Do To Be One

When you are chosen to be a boss for a company, indeed you will have a big responsibility. There will be many things under your supervision, including managing the employees. No wonder the role of superiors will be very important in influencing the productivity of the company.

Unfortunately, not all bosses have positive characteristics. Thus, it’s not uncommon for some of them to be disliked by their employees. This situation will make the atmosphere of working in the office less comfortable and sometimes could even cause a rift in the workforce.

If you are a boss that wants to be liked and respected by your employees, keep on reading to know what you should do! 

Provide Encouraging Feedback

The boss is someone who has to pay attention to everything in the company, from the big to the very small. All these things need to be considered carefully, so as not to cause misunderstandings. One thing that you should do, is to encourage and help your team to be able to improve themselves through actively providing feedback.

A good boss will certainly be very open to providing encouraging feedback to the employees. This is something that should not be missed by superiors in companies. Don’t sugarcoat your employees’ work quality by only praising them, also pinpoint to them what aspects they need to improve and negative things they should not do anymore. Encouraging feedback can be the ultimate way to improve your employee’s work quality and productivity.

Appreciate the Employees

All work processes do not run easily. Any success will require its own process. It is not surprising that if a company wants to achieve success, then all parties must make extra efforts to provide the best results. 

This is why supervisors must not forget to appreciate their employees. Appreciation from supervisors can be in various forms, from verbal greetings, and bonuses, to holiday deductions. All of that is devoted to increasing the productivity of employees. 

When employees feel like they are being appreciated, they will want to work at their best for the company. They won’t only rot for their own success but also the company as a whole. Appreciating your employees is also a sure way to ensure you retain them better!

Focus on Employee Welfare

While it is a casual phrase to say that employees are the driving machine behind the company’s success, it does not mean that it can also be exploited at your whim. Employees are part of the company that must be properly cared for, including in matters of welfare. Not infrequently, many supervisors do not pay close attention to this matter. 

A good boss will certainly pay close attention to the welfare of their employees. Starting from matters of workload, amount of salary, vacation time, to other supporting facilities such as the condition of the workspace. 

Bosses often forget that a clean and tidy workspace also plays an important aspect to improve employee welfare. Through a proper workspace, the productivity of the employee can increase as a result. Whereas, the untidy and unclean workspace will decrease it. To ensure the office space can be arranged properly and can support employees’ success and productivity, you can hire a professional company cleaner to tackle the problem. Check out to book their service today.

Show Concern

Sometimes the relationship between employees and their bosses is only limited to purely professional matters. While this is good for maintaining professionalism, ensuring you have a connection more than that is also as important. 

For example, when an employee shows decreased work quality and you notice that there is a problem with their personal life, you can prompt them to share their burden with you. Ask what you can do to help them go through this difficult phase of their life.

A good boss will certainly always show concern for their employees. It is not only done in a professional way, but as fellow human beings. That way, the close relationship between supervisors and employees can be well established.

Democratic in Making Decisions

A good boss should be able to behave more democratically towards their employees. What you can do to ensure this happens, is by making sure that the work environment is made as comfortable so that all employees can share their opinions and input freely. Afterward, you should consider all opinions before finally making a decision.

Being a boss is easy, but being a leader – especially a good one – might be harder. After all, aside from focusing on the side of the business, you should also pay close attention to the people whom you will closely manage. 

If you want to achieve success for the company, as well as establishing your position as a good role model for the employees, you should definitely follow the tips that we have curated above!

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