5 Times Caroline Acted Like A Typical Teenager (& 5 She Was Wise Beyond Her Years)

Caroline Forbes started her character arc on The Vampire Diaries as apparently nothing more than the mean girl from Mystic Falls. She embodied all the worst stereotypes about teenage girls, and while there were flashes of something deeper below the surface from the start, she wasn’t exactly a natural charmer.

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However, over time Caroline’s character developed further and she was forced to evolve, adapt and mature. And to everyone’s surprise, she’s done it more successfully than almost any other character in RST. But when did Caroline really show wisdom beyond her years and when did she really prove that she was still a teenager at heart?

ten Typical teenage girl: when she played Queen Bee

At the beginning of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline was the quintessential popular teenager in all the worst ways. Although Bonnie and Elena seemed to tolerate her, they barely seemed to like her, and it’s not hard to see why.

She was a bit of a control freak, she was rude, and she seemed to be almost totally oblivious to her friends’ feelings. She really seemed to be all about the high school drama.

9 Wise beyond her years: when she dumped Matt

Caroline has always been a character who desperately sought the approval of everyone else, and she was exceptionally in need when it came to the approval and interest of boys. And even putting that aside, her feelings for Matt were incredibly genuine, and apparently for the first time in her life, completely mutual.

So when Caroline realized she was a danger to Matt because of her newfound vampire status, it was actually incredibly mature of her to break up with him for her own safety.

8 Typical teenage girl: when she went after Damon

Caroline obviously paid a heavy price for this mistake, as Damon used and abused her at his convenience, but Caroline’s initial determination to grab Stefan’s super hot older brother was an incredibly childish way to act.

Caroline was interested in Stefan from the minute he arrived in town, and she was openly jealous when Elena caught his eye. She tried to beat Elena by going after Damon, and it wasn’t a good idea for her.

7 Wise beyond her years: when she helped Tyler

When Tyler Lockwood unleashed his werewolf curse, Caroline was already deeply familiar with what it was like to be suddenly pushed into the supernatural world and have hardly anyone by her side.

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And despite the fact that werewolves posed such a massive threat to vampires, Caroline decided to help Tyler with his transformation. She took a risk and put herself in danger so that someone didn’t have to go through her transition alone like she did.

6 Typical teenage girl: when she was mean to her mother

In many cases Caroline has shown flashes of maturity and insight that demonstrated that her silly act was just that, an act. But when it came to treating her own mother, her demeanor was decidedly immature.

Even when Caroline faced some really scary adult situations, she seemed to find time to be a kid for her mother, which was a perfect demonstration of the fact that no matter how far she grew, she was still a teenager. too.

5 Wise beyond her years: when she saw the good in Klaus

To be honest, Klaus was kind of a nightmare when he first showed up. The Vampire Diaries, and it is absolutely right that the whole gang in Mystic Falls hate him. Caroline was the first to begin to see another side of him.

And not only was it wise of her to start seeing from someone else’s (admittedly distorted) point of view, but given the transformation of Klaus’ character over time, she clearly saw something in him. that was worth saving.

4 Typical teenage girl: when she returned her ball gown

Caroline’s panic over Elena stealing her ball gown was more humorous than serious, and to be honest Elena, without humanity, was clearly trying to troll Caroline and make her really angry.

But the very fact that Caroline lost her because of her missing ball gown was a precise reminder that despite everything that had happened to her, Caroline was still a teenager extremely wrapped up in stereotypical teenage things.

3 Wise beyond her years: when she let her father go

Sadly, Caroline couldn’t hold out when her mother passed away, however, she handled the sudden loss of her father like a champ.

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She tried to convince him to become a vampire, but when he decided not to, she actually accepted the decision, and she didn’t tear herself or the rest of the world apart because of her loss.

2 Typical teenager: when she was constantly in competition with Elena

Caroline really explained her inferiority complex when it came to Elena in the first episode. Caroline is the girl who tries so hard and is always rejected, while Elena doesn’t seem like she has to try at all, and everyone chooses her.

But it’s a very young and immature mentality for Caroline, and the fact that she was so concerned about outdoing one of her best friends was one of the best and most consistent shows of Caroline’s teenage perspective.

1 Wise beyond her years: when she became a vampire

The Vampire Diaries Candice King Caroline Forbes

The vast majority of characters who are or become vampires The Vampire Diaries seem to both hate being vampires and have a hard time adjusting to them. But Caroline has completely departed from this standard.

She was thrown into the depths and not everyone around her even wanted to throw a life jacket at her, and she not only managed to survive, but becoming a vampire actually made her an objectively better person.

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