5 Times Pepper Was Cam & Mitch’s BFF (& 5 He Was The Worst)

In Modern Family, Pepper is supposed to be one of Mitch and Cam’s best friends, but his constant snark suggests otherwise.

Pepper Saltzman is one of Mitch and Cam’s best friends on Modern family. He is an avid theater wedding planner and has a lot in common with Mitch and Cam. The biggest difference between the three is that Pepper passes judgment on others outwardly and doesn’t see the meaning of censoring himself. Cam and Mitch tend to keep their giggles behind closed doors.

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Through all of the drama, Cam and Mitch find themselves with their best friend Pepper in the trailer, still seeing each other as dear friends. In fact, it’s their love of drama that keeps this trio so close.

ten BFF: Pepper planned her wedding

pepper at wedding - modern family

Planning a wedding can be stressful, and since Cam and Mitch disagree on a lot of things, their wedding must have had its ups and downs. Regardless of knowing the issues that might come with working with friends, Cam and Mitch hired Pepper to be their wedding planner. It shows extraordinary confidence because if something was wrong with their marriage (which it was) it could have been the end of their friendship.

9 The worst: he calls them poor

Pepper playing kick ball - modern family

There are countless times Pepper calls Mitchell and Cameron poor. Virtually every time Pepper sets foot in the Tucker-Pritchett house, he comments on the small size of their house or the price of their furniture. He often bothers Mitch and Cam when it’s not necessary.

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Mitchell is a high-earning lawyer in the state of California, and Cameron ends up returning to work when Lily gets older and has a successful career at the local high school. They are certainly not “poor”, and even if they were, Mitch and Cam never needed Pepper’s pity.

8 BFF: He became friends with the family

Pepper and Jay at dinner - Moden Family

A sign of true friendship is when a person’s best friend becomes their family’s best friend. Cam and Mitch got close to Pepper’s husband Ronaldo and sometimes preferred him. He was a good listener and a gentle character.

In “Boys’ Night”, Pepper gets closer to Jay after a frenzied evening of cocktails. The two even spent the day together afterwards. He also became close to Phil and was seen playing golf together when Mitchell needed lessons.

7 The worst: he makes fun of their house

pepper with cam and mitch in modern family

Whenever Mitchell and Cam invite their friends over for a drink, brunch, or one of their parties, Pepper and Ronaldo can’t help but berate their house. They joke about how “small” it is and how bad they feel that Lily has to grow up in such a house.

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They also commented on the type of furniture and decorations the couple have. It’s a big blow for a couple who have spent thousands of dollars on a designer sofa and care about the look of their home.

6 BFF: He was by their side during the earthquake

the earthquake in the modern family - mitch cam and pepper

In “Earthquake”, Mitch and Cam dreaded going to Pepper’s annual brunch, “Oscar Wilde and Crazy Brunch”. But when an earthquake hits the area, Mitch and Cam use it to their advantage. They told Pepper that their house had suffered significant damage from the earthquake and that they were not going to attend the party. Pepper couldn’t imagine his friends were alone, so he canceled the party, got in the car, and went to the Tucker-Pritchett’s home to make sure his friends were safe. Of course, the trio argued when they were all together but that’s normal for them.

5 The worst: he thinks they are unfit parents

Pepper and ronoldo - modern family

Pepper isn’t afraid to comment on Lily’s snark but he blames it entirely on Cam and Mitch. Later, Pepper and Ronaldo were ready to become their own parents and adopted a boy named Lionel. Lionel and Lily were around the same age and tried dating but the differences between their parents hampered their friendship. Mitch and Cam thought Pepper and Ronaldo were imposing their interests on Lionel, and Pepper and Ronaldo never thought Mitch and Cam were doing Lily justice for a better future.

4 BFF: He taught Mitchell how to play golf

Pepper and Phil Golf - Modern Family

Golf is a difficult sport to teach, but Pepper took the time out of his schedule to teach Mitchell how to play so he could get back to his father. Mitchell always wanted to be seen as good enough by his father, and sport has always been a soft spot for both. Claire was more of an athlete and Mitchell was more in the theater. But beautifully, Pepper and Mitchell got together and played golf together until Mitch was good enough to compete.

3 The worst: he hates their sense of style

Pepper Drinking Martini in a Modern Family

Pepper not only thinks Mitch and Cam are poor and have a horrible house, but he also judges their fashion sense. Basically, there’s nothing Mitch and Cam can do or wear that isn’t Pepper Saltzman once. As a wedding planner with high end taste, no one will ever be good enough in their eyes (other than Oprah).

2 BFF: He used to go out on camera

Pepper and cam in a modern family

It was revealed in “Earthquake” that Cameron and Pepper have used so far. To imagine these two encounters is unfathomable. He’s the same person in many ways; it’s hard to imagine them getting along because they’d be too busy making sneaky remarks. Nevertheless, the fact that they were able to remain friends is commendable. It proves that they really have a special bond and that they were better as friends than as a couple. Their dedication to each other is tested again when they both find loved ones. Their friendship was strong enough to last for decades.

1 The worst: planning the wedding has proven something big

Pepper wedding planning mitch and cams - modern family - poor planning

Yes, it was amazing that Pepper stood up and planned Mitch and Cam’s wedding, but one thing became clear when he took on the job: he didn’t know his friends the way he thought he did. All of his ideas were based entirely on his interests; not Mitch and Cam. In fact, the only reason Mitch and Cam continued to work with Pepper was because he was their friend, but also because his partner, Ronolado, had some fantastic ideas that were more in line with what they were interested in. On the wedding day, the wildfires practically ruined Mitch and Cam’s big day and Pepper couldn’t take the pressure. It was Jay who saved the marriage.

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