7 Effective Ways To Deliver Online Lessons

When teachers put their online courses on the best course selling website, they expect more and more students will engage and interact with their lessons. However, posting lecture videos on the online platform is not enough to deliver the best quality education, teachers need to put some extra effort into making their lessons successful. Because this virtual learning setup will only work when students are actively learning in both, synchronous and asynchronous ways. Teachers can help students by adopting effective teaching methods for online lessons.

 Here, in this article, we will discuss some of the ways, through which, teachers can make online lesson delivery more effective and engaging. Keep reading the article to know.

Put Emphasis On Collaborative Learning: Online lessons are virtual, where students watch and listen to teachers from remote places. This, not getting enough chances to interact with other students. Teachers can create interactive opportunities by encouraging students to collaborate. For example, in live online learning teachers can give a topic of discussion to the students and divide them into groups, and each group has to work together to find valid points of discussion. And in asynchronous online courses teachers can assign projects like PPT to make, and students have to work live online to create that project after watching videos and understanding the topic.

Provide Feedback: Whether you are teaching in a live online class or a pre-recorded online course, assessing students’ knowledge and providing them with timely feedback is one of the most important tasks for teachers. If students are provided with the proper feedback at the right time, they will be able to improve themselves and fill their learning gaps. In a live class, you can provide them immediate feedback and in asynchronous classes, you can write a message or email to students regarding their academic growth.

Create Fresh Learning Content: Finding innovative and interactive teaching methods is the work of teachers. So try to create lesson plans for the online lessons, in such a way that they connect with students and they find them interesting to watch and listen to. Bring your original ideas to the class to teach, and try to avoid teaching them in a bookish manner. Interact with them, ask questions frequently, and try to engage them in activities.

Be Mindful Of Student’s Mental Capacities: Nudging and pushing learners out of their comfort zone is ok. But teachers need to draw a line on when to stop, maybe you think that students can absorb more information and knowledge, but in reality, they can’t. This is what teachers need to observe, that’s how they will be able to deliver their lessons effectively. And that is why nowadays, whenever teachers create online courses, they create small bite-size video lectures. Which are hardly 3-5 minute videos, this not only makes the creative work easy for teachers but students also learn easily by watching these videos.

Learn To Use Your Technologies: Teachers have access to more learning tools than the students, which they can utilize effectively if their correct usage is known. So teachers, before delivering lessons, learn about all the teaching tools and software. For example, learn how to record the video lectures, how to upload the course on the online course selling website, and most importantly learn to use LMS, so that you can easily collect student’s data, distribute assignments and keep track of their learnings.

Take Feedback From Others: Once you have prepared your lesson plan for your online teaching and have delivered 2-3 lectures, take feedback on your teaching and lesson planning. You can ask your colleagues or senior professors to give some insights and useful tips on how to improve and make your online teaching more effective for students. You can ask students to fill-out feedback forms for the lectures taught by you.

Promotes Asynchronous And Synchronous Learning: Teachers should not depend on only one mode of online teaching. Use of both asynchronous and synchronous is crucial, so keep altering the method of teaching. This will keep the students active and provide them more chances to interact and engage with teachers and other students. Because communication is the key to success in online education. 

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