A Simple Procedure for Growing a Pixie Cut

For the first few days after getting your pixie cut, keeping and maintaining your short hair in shape and style should be easy if your hairdresser did it perfectly. However, as time goes by, you will need to make some adjustments to keep the pixie cut in good shape. 

The time it takes for short hair to grow differs for each individual. The major factors determining how fast your hair grows are how detailed the cut and the kind of maintenance you do on your hair. Here are a few steps to outgrow your pixie cut if you already have one or intend to get one.

  • Make Sure Your Hair is in a Healthy State

Just like body health, hair growth is very important. Good health for your hair means keeping the hair clean and using the best available hair products for your hair.

 However, while using hair products, you should be careful to use those that are suitable or work for your hair. Using the wrong hair product on your pixie cut will make outgrowing your hair complicated.

Hygiene is very critical to outgrowing your hair too. Ensure you always wash your hair as often as possible to keep it clean. Upon cleaning, you should also make sure you use the correct hair cleaning products that work for your hair.

  • Be Patient Enough

For the bigger percentage of people, their hair only grows a maximum of half an inch in a month. Therefore, having patience as your pixie cut outgrows is an important factor.

The texture of your hair is the key factor that determines the growth of your hair. If your hair is naturally silky and straight, your pixie cut will likely outgrow fast. Curly and wavy hair, on the other hand, will take some time to grow because of the time it takes to balance out the volume.

While doing a pixie cut, it is advisable to cut the hair near the neck deeper than the one on the top of the head to give the top layer of hair a chance to catch up with time. 

During the first few days after you get a pixie cut, you will have to keep the looks of a shag cut, but after some while, if you like, you can transition to a bob.

  • Get Regular Hair Trims 

Sometimes it might be very hard to get your hair trimmed if you are looking forward to growing it into a longer length. But to your surprise, getting regular helps make your hair grow. Regular trims help your pixie cut outgrow in good shape and style.

Trimming your hair every once in three weeks is advisable to help in its growing-out process. If you don’t trim your hair once in a while, the hair will grow in a round, irregular shape. Split ends make the growth process slower, so regular trimming is necessary to get rid of split ends.

  • Get a Scalp Massage Regularly

Massages help give more blood circulation, which is not an exception to your scalp. With a pixie cut, it is helpful that you have regular scalp massage with shampoo to help your hair outgrow.

Scalp massage helps because hair growth starts from the roots situated on the scalp. Scalp massage removes hair product build-up and cleans the pores on the scalp deeply.

  • Make Use of Supplements 

Using medically approved hair supplements will help your pixie cut out to grow more than you expected. Medically approved supplements thicken and strengthen your hair, reducing hair breakage chances.

However, if you are not certain about a certain supplement, you should seek clarity with your doctor before taking it.

  • Make Use of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps to hydrate your hair and is also recommended for hair growth. Coconut oil also encourages the production of the scalp’s natural oil to help your pixie cut grow.

Coconut oil is a good product if your hair is dry or curly because it has an ingredient that helps soften and weigh your hair a little if it is too voluminous.

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