The rowdy Texas A&M stadium crowd, nicknamed the 12th man, got a little too dashing for school tastes last week during the historic Red, White and Blue game.

Head Yell Leader Memo Salinas then emailed the entire university reminding students and fans to showcase their “core values” at the games.

“Texas A&M is above the rest. As Aggies, we demonstrate and live our core values ​​of excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service in everything we do.” Salinas said in the email. “Sporting events are the gateway to representing the spirit and tradition of Texas A&M, and our core values ​​must be shown to the millions of people watching around the world.”


Apparently the naughty college section was chanting “bulls – t” and making other rude noises to officials during the Aggies’ game against Kent State.

“Whenever we disagree with something, especially at a sporting event, we have always expressed our disapproval in a unique way – by whistling,” said Salinas. “It’s a way to set us apart from all the other fans in the country, another tradition that sets us apart from all the others.”

Salinas continued the conference.

“Let’s be sure that the tradition of good sportsmanship and Aggie hospitality are alive and well throughout this year,” said Salinas. “Let us continually break down to embody the core values ​​of our university and make our opponents leave Kyle Field knowing that Aggieland is a special place and that the 12th Man is a world-class fanbase unlike any other. to no other. “

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Apparently the Yell Leaders wield a lot of influence over Texas A&M, and if there was enough profanity from the booths to warrant a virtual spanking, then there was probably a lot more that wasn’t worth printing.


The Aggies hit the road this weekend for a confrontation with a Colorado team (1-0) in Boulder.