All We Know About Hannah Drake Who Made Rebecca Jealous

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé saw a Rebecca Parrot grow jealous of Zied Hakimi after agreeing to use the truck of Hannah, Tiffany’s “hot young” friend. But who is she?

While it had only been a few days since Zied Hakimi had moved to America to marry his 90 day fiancé I love Rebecca Parrott, the fans already felt homesick. Rebecca’s daughter Tiffany and her husband Micah, inviting the TLC couple over for a night out, appeared to cheer Zied up. However, seeing Zied having an innocent conversation with Tiffany’s friend, Hannah Drake, set Tiffany on a turmoil. And as the fans continue to lash out 90 day fiancé star Rebecca for her controlling behavior, many are also curious about Hannah, wanting to know everything about her.

After being insulted first by Rebecca’s family and then by her friend Melanie, Georgia seemed unwelcoming to 90 day fiancé star Zied. As his family continued to compare him to Moroccan and Rebecca’s third ex-husband, Zied also heard complaints that he couldn’t find a job in America. Restaurant manager Rebecca, 50, also left her 27-year-old fiancé at home alone on her way to work. But while Hannah, Tiffany’s friend, engaged in a little conversation with Zied, asking him about his experience in America and also out of curiosity that he had never met anyone from Tunisia before, 90 day fiancé Filter Queen Rebecca saw red flags. Curious Hannah asked Zied if people were going hunting in Tunisia and the group of young people decided to go turkey hunting in the coming season. “This hot young girl seems too openly focused on him», Observed Rebecca but Hannah added that she would help 90 day fiancé Celebrity Zied moved because his family owns “lots of trucks”Made Rebecca turn red with anger.

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Have a “single womanAt her apartment was apparently disrespectful in Zied’s culture according to Rebecca; on Tiffany adding that Hannah was right “offered to help, “The girl admitted that she was not”try to walk on toesLike everyone else is gone. But while Rebecca made Zied feel bad for talking to Hannah about 90 day fiancé saying “women are not the same as in your country, “She follows the”hot girlOn IG itself. Hannah, who goes by the Instagram username miss.hannah.drake, is based in Marietta, Ga., And works as a hairstylist at the Apple Salon in Kennesaw. Most of Hannah’s articles seem to show the magic that she works on her clients’ hair.

She also proves to be a fan of true crime podcasts and giving people the perfect balayage, braids and eyebrows. In one of her articles, Hannah presents her puppies Yonah and Cricket and writes: “dogs> guys. ” In that case, 90 day fiancé Star Rebecca doesn’t have to worry at all. Fans, however, wondered if Hannah was a “factory” sure 90 day fiancé. A Reddit post a TLC viewer wrote: “I felt like she was an actress paid or edited to make her look more than she was. It was embarrassing,“And another comment says that Hannah was”certainly a trap for Zied to prove a point or a test. “

Altogether, 90 day fiancé The Zied star certainly passed the test, but does that mean he and Rebecca won’t face more relationship scares before they meet down the aisle? Maybe not.

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Source: Hannah Drake / Instagram, Reddit

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