Animals Minecraft Should Add For Better & More Dangerous Gameplay

Minecraft already has a ton of useful monsters, and here are a few other animals that desperately need to be added to improve some of the game’s biomes.

Many monsters have been added to Minecraft since its release in 2009, and every major update continues to add new animals and monsters to one of the biggest sandbox games in the game. It’s always fun to imagine what kind of creature Mojang will introduce next. Will Minecraft Will the next crowd be a normal animal inspired by a real-world creature, or will Mojang come up with another wacky original idea? And if the next mob is an animal, what will be its use?

Minecraft began with a handful of mobs varying in usefulness from unnecessary to necessary for survival. Cows, sheep, pigs and chickens were the only passive animals Minecraft at first, and they have remained among the most useful creatures in the game. Over time, tamable animals such as wolves, cats, and parrots have been added later, which provide players with protection and help reduce the feeling of loneliness. Of course, all the mobs in Minecraft Is usefull. Bats, llamas, and pandas are some of the animals that do little to add to the aesthetics of a biome.

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There are 73 mobs in Minecraft, with three more added as part of Update 1.17. However, there is still plenty of room for more animals. Some biomes still feel a bit bare and need a little more attention in the crowd department. And with the total crowd count approaching 100, every crowd from now on has to serve a purpose. Whether they are a renewable source for agricultural resources or add new layers of Minecraft, these are the animals that must be added to the game.

Minecraft must add piranhas

Minecraft piranhas mob

If there is an area of Minecraft it lacks depth, it is the oceans. Minecraft 1.14 introduced the Aquatic Update, which added different ocean biomes, ocean creatures, and a host of new blocks, but the ocean still feels like a safe place. Apart from drowned and oceanic monuments, the ocean does not represent any real threat. Piranhas would be a great way to add a sense of real danger to the ocean and could complement other features. A swarm of piranhas fighting a player’s axolotl army would be quite to be seen, and if piranhas appeared in schools, it would give players a reason to want to take Minecraft axolotls with them.

A school of piranhas could easily overwhelm the player, making them a real threat. They could also inhabit dens or underwater caves in Minecraft, making them obstacles that players must overcome to reach rare items. The main purpose of the piranhas would be to make the ocean a bit more dangerous, which would make exploring the open blue a challenge.

Minecraft must add frogs

Minecraft mob frog

Another biome that seems a bit lifeless is the swamp. These flooded swampy areas are mostly flat and offer little outside of the Witch’s Hut and the occasional Slime spawning ground. Frogs would be a great addition to this area and encourage players to visit these biomes more frequently. Frogs could drop frog legs when killed, which could be cooked and eaten or used for jumping Minecraft potion.

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Frogs in Minecraft could act the same as rabbits, where they stray away from the player, making them a bit more difficult to chase. They could also run away from witches who are also trying to kill frogs. Interesting mechanics could be added where if the witch throws a potion on a frog, it turns into a random hostile mob. Frogs would be a great way to give swamps more value.

Minecraft must add grizzly bears

grizzly bear minecraft

With the Caves & Cliffs update adding all kinds of new cave biomes, it would be cool to see the addition of Grizzly Bears. Yes, there are polar bears and panda bears already, but these neutral monsters serve no real purpose. It would be interesting to see smaller cliff side caves being added to Minecraft alongside grizzly bears. These caves could be rich in minerals and chests, but guarded by deadly grizzly bears. One or two bears could guard each cave and be very difficult to kill, but could drop a lot of leather if they were successfully killed. They would make a great mini-boss for more adventurous miners.

These are just a few of the animals that could be added to Minecraft, and they may well be added someday. Players are always asking for new monsters, such as sharks or different types of dinosaurs, and Mojang does a decent job of listening to the desires of his community. Mojang also needs to make sure that the new monsters don’t break the game in any way, but the few suggestions provided above are animals that could add some difficult, but pleasant, layers to the game. Minecraft.

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