Anna Shay’s Family Wealth Linked To Ugly Vietnam War Past

Anna Shay made millions from her father’s arms business. The company has been linked with a program that killed thousands of people during the Vietnam War.

Star of Empire bling Anna Shay made him millions from his father’s gun business. The company has been linked to a disturbing CIA program that killed thousands of people during the Vietnam War.

Anna Shay is loved by fans for being the outspoken and fun matriarch of Empire bling. The 60-year-old spends her days at a lavish mansion in Los Angeles and enjoys showering her friends with gifts and throwing extravagant parties. His friendships with Kevin Kreider, Kim Lee and Kane Lim were central to the series, as was his rivalry with Christine Chiu. Kane tells viewers where Anna’s money is coming from, saying that her father, “sells bombs, guns, defense technology.” There isn’t much more information given on the show about Anna’s fortune, but ugly truths about her wealth have emerged.

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As reported by NBC News, Anna’s father’s company supplied weapons to a particularly vicious CIA program during the Vietnam War. Called the Phoenix Program, it was designed to find and kill Viet Cong supporters. The program involved a large amount of torture and was responsible for the deaths of at least 20,000 people. Anna’s father, Edward Shay, worked for Pacific Architects and Engineers, which was hired by the US government to provide cover for the secret program. Pacific Architects and Engineers, or PAE, was hired by the CIA to build interrogation facilities in all of South Vietnam’s 44 provinces. On the PAE website, the company acknowledges having been hired for 12 consecutive contracts in Vietnam starting in 1963. By 1968, the company had 104 bases and more than 30,000 employees stationed in Vietnam. Although the business has since been sold and is no longer owned by Anna’s family, its story is hard to ignore. PAE was acquired by Lockheed Martin in 2006 for $ 1.2 billion and has since been sold to Gores Holdings III Inc.

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The revelation of where Anna’s money came from is not only disturbing, but could change the way she interacts with her co-stars. Kim Lee is Vietnamese, and while the friendship between her and Anna was not the focus of the series, now she could be damaged further. The show’s general Asian pride could easily be hurt by Anna’s friends hearing that her father helped destroy so many Vietnamese lives. Anna herself is half Japanese and half Russian. Having Anna live so lavishly and comfortably and not publicly acknowledging this part of her past will no doubt make fans question their love for her.

Anna is certainly not the only person to make a living from millions of fishy fabricated people, but it will be important for her to manage this information well as her fame continues to grow. We’ll have to see what she has to say on the subject.

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Source: NBC News

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