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It was difficult to concentrate on work for Khushi however she compelled herself to accomplish that. It turned into rarely midday and she or he lacking her husband too awful. Her smartphone buzzed. She checked the message immediately as it was from her husband.

Arshi FF By Madhu 2020

‘How is my Vanilla doing at paintings?’

Khushi’s face turned pink crimson. That became exactly the taste of ice cream they enjoyed remaining night time. She became not able to cognizance on paintings and right here he brought the memories of ultimate night again. She texted him again a cheesy reply. If he can get her on the threshold, so can she.

‘Drive me to an ice cream parlor tonight. Might simply want to pick another taste’

She attempted to cover her blush because the peon entered the cabin with an envelope. Another courier? He left the cabin passing the envelope to her. It changed into despatched by using Arnav’s attorney which burdened her all the greater. Why could Arnav’s lawyer send her something? She opened the envelope and checked the papers inner. Her jaw dropped analyzing the contents. Arnav’s message beeped on her cellphone again.

‘Sign them love’

No, she wouldn’t. She can never signal those. She dialed Arnav’s variety. Messages won’t paintings now. He responded the decision almost instantly.

“Do you realise what your legal professional has despatched me?” she snapped.

“I requested him to do”

“Of route,” she snapped. “But it’s far definitely useless”

“Let me have the very last say over that. Sign them so that I can hand it again to him for in addition processing”

“Nope” she groaned. “Don’t pick out a fight on this Arnav”

“Let’s take it mattress then” he teased.

“Don’t use our bedroom to kind our fights”

“Then come out.. We are able to sort it over a lunch together”

Out? Was he.. Changed into he right here?

“Waiting outdoor your workplace sweetheart. And it’s pretty a sunny afternoon. Come out soon”

Khushi sighed. He drove all of the manner to her workplace just to have Lunch with her? Seemed romantic. She got here out in couple of minutes, grabbing her smartphone and vehicle keys. Despite her husband having automobiles of pinnacle brands, she chose to power her very own Sedan to paintings. Arnav Singh Raizada had ensured to get it repaired after that accident. Marrying a billionaire might have changed her lifestyle however no longer her feelings connected to her possessions; the sedan being one of it. The put up of her personal bodyguard which Tisha left was nonetheless open and strict interviews were performed for the identical for the right lady candidate who might take up Khushi’s safety function. Meanwhile Arnav had assigned two guards for her who stalked her nearly anywhere she went. If she turned into right, there was one undercover agent interior Blitz workplace too who become preserving an eye on her and safeguarding her secretly. Her husband may want to do anything to keep her safe and alive.

As she strode to Arnav who become status beside his posh car, waiting patiently for her to reveal up, her face glowed. This man became hers with none 2d notion, without any hinderances. As she reached, Arnav palmed her cheek, his thumb stroked her lip, staring it for a few seconds.

“Signed the papers?” he asked.

And it broke her spell. His contact and presence at the basement of her Office building to pressure her out for Lunch had taken her into another global until he reminded why he changed into here for. The papers!!

“I am not signing them”

There changed into no exchange in his smirk as though he turned into assured that he might trade her dedication.

“Let’s take that dialogue over the lunch desk” he responded starting the car door.

She didn’t argue but hopped internal elegantly. Arnav took the wheels and drove them out. Whilst they were still on manner, he touched her arm, gripping the wheel from his different hand. She shoved it off gently.

“Please hold your hands to your self till you drop your plans of creating me sign the ones papers” she snapped.

There changed into no anger in her voice, just a faint smirk which he couldn’t forget about.

“Touching you and signing the papers are separate agendas. Don’t blend them up”

The manner he looked at her conveyed that there has been no scope of argument further. She was dazzled seeing him park at one among her favorite restaurants. She had visited this area just once because affording a lunch or dinner right here regularly was out of her finances. It turned into needless to invite how he determined out her liking for this area. He turned into a grasp in phrases of maintaining tab on her picks. She cherished him for that.

As he ordered food, she patiently kept admiring her captivating husband. His accessory slayed even within the manner he positioned the order. Flashing her eyelashes charmingly at Arnav, the attendee left the desk. What picked Khushi’s interest turned into Arnav’s I don’t care attitude which he flaunted on his face for almost each lady besides her. He become born for her and handiest her. She took delight in it and entwined their palms over the table. He raised their hand hold and kissed the again of her palm.

“You know the whole thing approximately me right from my selections, likes, dislikes, what belongs to me, what I select, what I don’t” she paused. “It’s like you understand me higher than I know myself. I want I should know the entirety about you too” she introduced.

“You would recognise when you signal those papers” he replied.

Khushi wasn’t convinced.

“How would acquiring a 50% share on all of your property and homes permit that show up?” she asked. “Arnav, the ones are your profits, you have got labored hard and won them. Why do you want me to have same share?”

“Because I belong to you currently and everything that belongs to me is yours”

Khushi’s lips pressed into a skinny line.

“I don’t want your home Arnav.. I want you. That’s enough for me” she

“They are available in complimentary with me” he spoke back. But while she nevertheless refused, he tried to give an explanation for her the opposite way.

“What if anything happens to me in future?”

That infuriated her. She withdrew her hand from his.

“If you need to speak all this, I will leave proper away” she snapped.

Before she could retreat herself and circulate away, he grabbed her close and cupped her cheeks.

“Last night I noticed a awful dream” he confessed.

She had no clue approximately it. They had frolicked loving each different and then dozed off. In the morning matters were ordinary like ordinary and she or he didn’t locate any symptoms of his distress.

“Someone shot me. I was blanketed in blood… cold.. Useless” he added.

Khushi should feel his pain in the ones eyes. She palmed his cheek to show her support.

“I am now not frightened of death Khushi. I even have never been fearful of anything so far however the mere thought of distancing from you bodily haunts me. And if that ever takes place in future, I need you to have the entirety that belongs to me”

Tears pooled in her eyes.

“You are sturdy, you may appearance after yourself if that occurs however if you sign the papers and be given all of it, I might only die in peace”

The moment he stated this, she close his mouth with her palm and that movement became now not gentle. She was mad at him.

“You need me to sign them, I will” she snapped. “But one greater time you talk about dying, I am taking walks out”

Arnav smiled softly. She leaned lower back and regarded away because the attendant reached their desk to serve them. She lost her urge for food. Arnav’s dream had started haunting her. He tried to feed her the primary morsel but she denied and started out ingesting herself.

“If death ever parts us, it is going to be me before you” she declared.

Arnav’s brow raised.

“Now you speak about death one greater time and I am taking walks out” he muttered.

Khushi went quiet for a moment and then while he tried to feed her again, she allowed him to accomplish that. Nothing become treasured than spending time with him. When they have been almost finished, Arnav got a message which he read and sighed in disappointment.

“Your mom likes this eating place too?” he requested.

“Mumma? Why?”

He pointed her to look at the doorway door from wherein Garima walked interior and earlier than Khushi ought to recognize why she turned into right here, Shashi Gupta followed Garima. They headed collectively at the nook desk and seated.

“Lunch date” he mumbled.

Khushi turned again to her husband and shrugged.

“If that maintains her satisfied, I have no qualms”

Arnav smiled.

“Desserts child?” he supplied.

Khushi checked her watch.

“No time for that. I even have a few meetings covered up”

Arnav rolled his eyes.

“You are prioritizing work over me?”

“Shut up” she giggled.

“You didn’t solution my query” he became nonetheless glued to his chair even though she had were given up to go away. Khushi walked to him and wrapping her fingers around him she kissed his jawline.

“There is not anything above you in my lifestyles. And you recognize that too. So, prevent bullying me and drop me back to work”

That lit his face.

“And while am I getting my dessert?” he teased.

“Tonight” she winked at him and grabbed her handbag. “Now can we please hurry?”

Arnav smirked and settling the bill, they walked hand in hand in the direction of the door however Khushi couldn’t simply walk out without seeing her mom. She stopped through their desk. Shashi and Garima were stunned seeing the couple.

“Khushi?” Garima got up. “What are you doing right here?”

“Arnav got me right here for lunch” she spoke back. “And we are leaving returned.”

“Oh.. Okay” Garima become bit stuck what to talk similarly. She knew Khushi didn’t like Shashi assembly her frequently and she could make an trouble of this but Khushi didn’t react that way. Arnav gave a gentle nod to Shashi Gupta as a curtesy after which hugged his mother-in-law too. He didn’t need the old girl to feel centered.

“Got to go. Bye Mumma. Reach home secure”

Khushi handed a short kiss to her mom and waving at her she and Arnav walked out. Garima was stunned at her gestures. She sat down again giving a blank stare to Shashi who further had no phrases to specific what simply passed off.

“I …I don’t understand.. She didn’t mind us being collectively” Shashi spoke.

“I should have instructed her” Garima spoke back. “She must be disappointed with me”

Shashi didn’t allow her experience low again. He rubbed her arm.

“Hereon, you wouldn’t ought to meet me secretly” he declared. “Because we will be together, forever”

Garima became harassed.

“I have decided Garima. I need you to become my wife”

Garima felt like she could get an attack if he keeps this dialogue. Shashi had gripped her hand so tight that she nearly iced up.

“I haven’t talked to Adira yet but I will. I know she wouldn’t react first-class but she has to apprehend now. And you communicate to Khushi. I am sure she wouldn’t have an problem if her mom gets the criminal fame of being my spouse which she constantly yearned for”

Garima didn’t communicate for a minute however soon she opened her mouth.

“I desire you understand what you’re doing Shashi”

“I do” he answered.

“But I cant” Garima snapped. “You are overdue.. Very overdue” she delivered. “We have continually hurt our babies Shashi by our relationship. Both Adira and Khushi. I don’t need to hurt them anymore. Adira doesn’t want me and Khushi doesn’t need you. That’s the most effective fact and I have learnt to simply accept it. And so need to you”

Shashi’s jaw brought to her decision. The girl who usually desired him to accept her before the arena changed into denying him overtly with none remorse. He desired to provide her the rights she deserved and as an alternative she chose to fail him. Was he surely very late in taking this step?

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