Batman Admits That He’s Jealous Of The Flash In DC Comics

In the 2005 DC Comics Justice storyline, Batman says The Flash is the man he would have hoped to become if his parents weren’t dead.

Back in 2005 Justice DC Comics screenplay, Batman revealed that the flash is the only hero he would have liked to become if the circumstances of his life had been different. While the Dark Knight is a very cynical vigilante who seeks justice and revenge in the shadow of one of the most corrupt and criminal cities in the DC Universe, Bruce Wayne has confessed that he would have liked to become like Barry Allen, admiring the values, hope, and optimism he carries that Batman himself finds so elusive.

In 2005 Justice From Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Doug Braithwaite, the Legion of Doom fights the Justice League in a massive conflict. The inciting event is a series of nightmares that several villains collectively experience, seeing the Justice League’s failure to prevent armageddon. As such, the villains band together to save the world, while turning the audience against the League. However, the League soon discovers the truth that the dreams were all caused by Lex Luthor, Gorilla Grodd, and Brainiac, who just want to see the heroes achieve their ends, needing a reason to unite all the other villains to their cause.

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During this scenario, Justice # 8 shows an overview of Batman’s personal files on his Bat computer, and one file specifically contains Batman’s personal notes on The Flash: “Barry Allen is the kind of man I would have hoped to be if my parents hadn’t been murdered in front of my very eyes.” Batman goes on to say that Barry carries very little darkness or shadow in his life, and that has essentially been consistent for the fastest man since. Justice has been freed. While that’s not to say Barry hasn’t been without his own moments of loss, pain or darkness, he’s been able to bounce back with hope, positivity, and the belief that things can and will get better. . This is something Batman himself is often unable to do, as he doesn’t want to let go of the trauma of his past caused by the death of his parents. While he may wish to be like Barry, his past remains as the emotional hurdle he can never get around.


Plus, Batman’s high regard for The Flash goes both ways, as the most recent shows. Flash # 64 by writer Joshua Williamson with Rafa Sandoval’s art released in 2019. In this issue, Batman and The Flash work together on a case and the two heroes share how much they appreciate and admire each other’s intellect as than brilliant detectives.

While it’s commonly believed that Superman and Batman are best friends, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Bruce and Barry also have a lot in common with each other, being two of the smartest and most critical heroes in the world. the Justice League roster. While the popular line of recent years is that a person should always be themselves unless they can be Batman, there is clear evidence that Batman would probably counter by saying that Flash is a much better person to be in the DC Universe.

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