Biggest Unanswered Questions After Always & Forever

To All the Boys: Always and Forever ended the hit Netflix film series. We break down the biggest unanswered questions from the finale.

While AT All the boys: always and forever ended Lara Jean and Peter’s love story, fans wondered again. The Netflix movie ended their story well for the most part, but in keeping with the film’s theme of the uncertainty of the future, the film keeps some things hanging. Here are some of the biggest questions about the end of To all the boys 3 left his fans with it.

The last film of the To all the boys The franchise follows Lara Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter (Noah Centineo) as they begin to make choices about their future. The couple initially plan to go to Stanford University together after graduation, but Lara Jean’s rejection from the school puts a wrench in their plans. Lara Jean must decide between going to her security school near Peter or the school of her dreams on the other side of the country.

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Although they temporarily separate from the stress of a long-distance relationship, Lara Jean and Peter decide to make it work and vow to stay together for the long haul. The final shot of the film sees Lara Jean settling into her dorm at New York University with all of her future in front of her. Here are some of the unanswered questions from To all the boys: always and forever.

Will Peter and Lara Jean stay together?

Peter and Lara Jean in To All The Boys 3

This is the film’s most pressing question. The future of Lara Jean and Peter together was at the center of the film. To all the boys 3 stack the odds against the pair by sending Peter to college in California and Lara Jean to New York. These circumstances alone could be enough to break up a young couple. The original Netflix movie Don’t hesitate to say that most high school couples don’t survive long distances if they end up attending different colleges. But that’s not the end of the romantic comedy that Lara Jean deserves.

From the first film of To all the boys series, it’s clear that Lara Jean is obsessed with romance. The films make multiple references to romantic comedies as an ode to the protagonist’s love for the genre. Final voice over of Lara Jean in To all the boys 3 even declares that she wants a love like the movies. In romantic comedies, the central couple usually have their happy ending. The To all the boys the films are romantic comedies through and through, which means Lara Jean and Peter will likely do the job remotely. Lara Jean acknowledges the odds are stacked against them, but believes her relationship is strong enough to overcome the challenges of a long-distance relationship.

Where will Peter and Lara Jean live after college?

Lara Jean and Peter Bus to All the Boys 3

Although it is difficult, the end of To all the boys: always and forever leads the public to assume that Lara Jean and Peter will stay together in college. This leads to an important question: where will the couple live after college? As their location is changed from Jenny Han’s original To all the boys: always and forever book, they come from Portland, Oregon in the movies. Peter will be in California and Lara Jean will be in New York. To all the boys 3 shows Lara Jean falling deeply in love with New York. This is a major demonstration of character development for Lara Jean, as she was shown to always play it safe in the early films. She is calm, family oriented, and enjoys the company of books for most people. But her relationship with Peter helped her come out of her shell. If she and Peter ended up in New York after graduation, this would be a nice bookend for her trip. While it wouldn’t be out of place to imagine Lara Jean and Peter returning to Portland after college, it would be nice to imagine them on a whole new journey.

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Does Kitty keep her relationship at bay?

As Covey’s younger sister, Kitty had shown no interest in boys in the first two To all the boys movies. But the third film sees Kitty finally following in the shoes of her love-obsessed sister. At the beginning of To all the boys 3, the Covey family goes on a trip to Korea. There, Kitty meets Dee and she is instantly smitten. They form a sweet relationship over the course of the movie, with Kitty trying to get into baseball for him and Dee trying to read Harry potter for her. As Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship is at the heart of the film, To all the boys: always and forever never offers any idea of ​​the future of Dee and Kitty’s relationship. There’s a good chance the pair won’t make it – it’s hard to maintain a relationship in different states, but keeping one on two different continents is nearly impossible. But it’s a sweet introduction to Kitty becoming a teenager. While Lara Jean has gladly committed to Peter and has moved on, someone else must take over in the Covey house.

Will Peter stay in touch with his father?

Peter to all the boys

Peter’s dad is missing from his life in the first two To all the boys movies. The absence of one of their parents is something that binds Lara Jean and Peter to each other – Lara Jean’s mother has passed away and Peter’s father has left his family. But in the third film, Peter’s father attempts to reestablish a relationship with his son. Peter initially rejects his father’s invitations to spend time together. But after he and Lara Jean temporarily split up, he decides to meet his father for coffee. Peter’s father even ends up giving him advice about love that inspires him to reconcile with Lara Jean.

The big question here is whether Peter having coffee with his father is the start of a new beginning for father and son. It could very well be, but it will likely take a long time for Peter to get to a place where he is ready to fully welcome his father into his life. But agreeing to have coffee with his father was a good start. This is proof of the fact that Peter has grown and matured since the start of the series. To all the boys: always and forever may not answer all of the questions he leaves for audiences, but he makes sure to set his characters on the path to a happy and successful future.

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