BlizzCon Community Showcase Won By Amazing WoW Bolvar Fordragon Cosplay

Blizzard recognized Hartigan Cosplay and his extremely impressive Bolvar Fordragon cosplay as the BlizzCon Best In Show winner.

Hartigan Cosplay, who created an amazing cosplay of World of warcraftof Bolvar Fordragon, won the BlizzCon Community Showcase Awards for Best Cosplay and Best in Show. The community showcase allows fans to show off their artistic creations such as cosplay and music. Categories include weapons and armor, digital storytelling, art competition, and various cosplay categories.

This year’s digital BlizzCon, dubbed BlizzConline, attempted to preserve many of the event’s customary traditions and celebrations. A live performance by heavy metal band Metallica was broadcast live on Twitch, but the celebration of rock quickly hit a snag. When the band performed their hit For Whom The Bell Tolls, the streaming service replaced the audio with 8-bit music instead, likely out of fear of disrupting the platform’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act service. Besides, the event went off without a hitch, although unfortunately much of the information announced during the various presentations was leaked before the BlizzConline feed.

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Snow storm announced, via Twitter, that cosplayer Hartigan Cosplay won the Community Showcase Awards for Best Cosplay and Best in Show. The truly awe-inspiring costume art piece transforms Hartigan into Bolvar Fordragon, a World of warcraft character with a vast history and ties to several factions of the franchise. A video posted to Hartigan’s YouTube channel shows the lengthy process of putting on the Fordragon cosplay, which includes electronic components that produce light and smoke effects.

Fantastic character designs often catch the eye of particularly skilled cosplayers who wish to recreate these iconic looks. Recently a cosplay based on Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us II was specific enough that the developer wondered if they saw a cosplay or a screenshot of the game. Cosplayer Gull Sheer was able to transform into Clicker, a blind but deadly foe from the survival adventure series, and photographer Elon Levin captured the moving creature.

Accurate cosplay takes a ton of patience, skill, and commitment to both create and wear. As a general rule, the more bizarre a character’s design, the harder it is to recreate. However, Hartigan Cosplay was able to take an extremely fantastic character design and bring it to life flawlessly. The use of special effects used to capture the appearance of World of warcraftThe Bolvar Fordragons are simply breathtaking, and Blizzard’s recognition of these accomplishments helps the company maintain and develop an extremely loyal fan base.

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Source: Snow storm, Hartigan Cosplay

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