Can someone hack my phone by texting me?

In this world of technology, we find new ways to alter our ways of life with each passing day. A life of technology can be easy, relaxing and carefree, but it can also be dangerous. Dangerous in a sense as some people use technology for their benefits, but in doing that, they cause damage to others. Not everyone uses technology for good, which is why you should always be cautious when you’re using your electronic devices. 

This threat is hacking service, and the people who do this act are called hackers. Hackers can hack you in several ways with their diverse strategies. These different ways of hacking your phone range from using spyware to sending a text to hack your phone. You may be worried about how you will stay safe if a hacker can just send a text to you, and you’ll be hacked. Fortunately for you, this method isn’t this simple, and we will explain that later in the article.

Types of hackers

Hacking is generally considered to be a bad job, but in reality, not every hacker who knows how to hack is bad. Some hackers hack for the benefit of other people in exchange for money for their services, others solely do hacking for their personal gain, and then there are some hackers that do a little of both. Hacking requires a lot of professional expertise. Now it’s on the hacker how he uses his skills. Following are some of the different types of hackers. 

Black hats

Black hat hackers are the bad guys of the technological and hacking world, they’re the ones you’re most afraid of, and they’re the ones that you imagine while thinking of a hacker. Black hat hackers are bad because their sole objective is to infiltrate a private network or electronic device and steal information for financial gain. Black hat hackers only want to benefit themselves at the cost of others. 

They cause damage to people and companies by robbing people of their sensitive and personal information. Their advanced technological knowledge makes them dangerous cybercriminals. They’re not authorized to hack, so their hacking is illegal. 

White hats

White hat hackers are the opposite of black hat hackers. They’re cybersecurity experts that with the help of your technical expertise, find vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks for various organizations or individuals. White hackers are hired by people and organizations to test if their systems are secure enough and if compromised by a black hat hacker, a white hacker will defend the system against the black hat hacker. You can say they’re like superheroes of the virtual world. They’re also authorized to hack legally. 

Gray hats

Grey hats are somewhere in the middle between white hat hackers and black hat hackers. Grey hat hackers breach into networks and computer systems like the other two, but unlike their black hat variants, grey hat hackers don’t want to cause any harm to the owner of the system or device they’ve hacked into. Their only motives are for sheer enjoyment and to further improve their skills. Hacking them is more of a hobby than an occupation. 

They frequently at times inform the owners about the systems they’ve breached and that the systems and networks may have vulnerabilities. However, they’re not always this good. Sometimes just for the heck of it, they may infiltrate systems and networks of people and organizations without their permission. Even though they don’t have any intentions of causing any harm.  Hackers for hire can be in this category.

Script kiddies

These are basically newbie hackers that aren’t skilled like the other three hackers. They don’t have the same technical expertise as the other tree hackers. Script kiddies use the malware that has been created by other hackers to help them with hacking. They only want to cause disruption.

There are various other types of hackers as well, but these are generally considered to be the most known type of hackers.

Methods of hacking by sending a text 


Phishing is a method where a hacker sends you a message on how to hack your phone. It can either be from email, through an online social media app or SMS. This message will have a link attached to it. Upon opening the link, the user’s phone was hacked. This link will either lead you to a separate infected website, or it will download an app without your permission that will get your phone hacked. 

Hackers achieve this method by impersonating a famous and known brand, store or TV show or an anonymous person. They say that they’re from some store and that they’ve announced that you’ve received a gift from that store. It’s this approach, or it’s someone asking for help. The message seems legitimate, and that is how they hack you by sending a text.

Spamming messages

Spamming the user with never-ending messages that they eventually open and gets their phone hacked is an approach that black hat hackers normally do. It’s not the best approach as it feels obvious someone is trying to hack you.

Spy apps (Nova spy)

Hackers also use different types of spyware apps that, when installed into a phone, can access nearly everything from that phone. 

Nova spy is an app that is considered to be the best phone spying app, it’s remarkably cheap for its features, and it can do several things and can let you access almost everything on the hacked phone. If you want to hack like these hackers but don’t have the necessary technological expertise, there’s no need to worry as Nova spy will turn you into a hacker with no effort. You’d be able to see the GPS location of the hacked phone and their previous locations. The social media data and information on their phone, their contacts, notes, important documents and all types of media in their gallery will be accessible to you. 

Spy apps are the best and easiest solution to hacking phones, and you don’t even have to send a text to do so. 

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