Chris Harrison May Get Cut From Remaining Pre-Recorded Episodes

Amid the latest Bachelor drama surrounding Chris’s insensitive racist comments, the production is considering eliminating him from the remaining episodes.

Bachelor fans could get rid of Chris Harrison sooner than they thought. The production plans to eliminate Chris from the remaining episodes of the Matt James season. Chris has been criticized after his breed-insensitive comments in a recent interview. He also left Single nation angry when he defended candidate Rachael Kirkconnell after photos of her resurfaced in 2018. The party was said to have been part of his college sisterhood.

While Rachael was initially silent on the controversy of her past, longtime host Chris Harrison came to her defense in an interview. This left fans in an uproar, and Chris finally decided to issue a public apology before later announcing that he would take time away from the show to reflect on his actions as well as educate himself. He revealed that he would not be present at the After the last Rose special. It’s unclear how long Chris will stay away from the series; however, it was suggested that this was only temporary leave. Rachael actually later issued her own public apology.

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Fans may have already seen Chris Harrison’s last this season. According to Us weekly, Bachelor The production plans to edit Chris from the remaining episodes of this season. The last episodes of the 25th season as well as the Women say it all all were pre-recorded before Chris announced that he would be “dip aside“from the series. Now the production is trying to find a way to eliminate Chris from the next episodes. Apparently there have been conversations within the production team to find a way to cut Chris from at least some of his remaining scenes. If they can’t do that, they plan to add a “Warningin every remaining episode. It is assumed that the disclaimer would state that the show does not tolerate Chris’s callous words.

Since the beginning of the latter Bachelor controversial, Single nation was torn which side to take. There were a lot of mixed emotions surrounding Chris leaving the show. Some are fine with his temporary leave, ready to give him a second chance, while others would like to see him go for good. Chris has been silent on social media since his public apology and the announcement of his departure almost a week ago. This season of The single person is expected to end around March 15. That leaves roughly four more episodes starring Chris Harrison, not counting the Women say it all.

In the end, it might not be that hard for the production to remove Chris Harrison from the remaining episodes of The single person, because he does not appear often on the show; however, it will be more difficult to cut it from the Women say it all because he plays a bigger role in the special. It would likely leave fans more torn if he was left out of the remaining season but not the special. One would assume that the producers will decide to use a warning on the remaining episodes rather than cutting it off entirely.

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Source: Us Weekly

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