Clare Crawley & Dale Moss Continue Reunion With Dinner Date

Dale and Clare sparked reconciliation rumors this week. They both posted matching photos of a romantic dinner. Are they coming out again?

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss seem to be giving their relationship another shot, starting with a romantic dinner. After sparking reconciliation rumors earlier this week, The bachelorette the stars posted photos of the same table.

The ex-fiancés, who ended their relationship last month, were spotted earlier this week walking hand-in-hand in Venice, Florida. Dale announced the end of their relationship with a statement on Instagram telling fans the decision to break up was mutual. However, Clare released her own statement days later in which she explained that she was caught off guard by the breakup. Since then, Clare focused on self-care while Dale focused on her career and sparking rumors of new romances.

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However, the exes now seem to spend a lot of time together in Florida. After being seen holding hands, Dale posted an Instagram story of himself giving himself a sparkling pedicure while a mysterious woman laughed in the background. Reports also revealed that Clare and Dale met for drinks and appeared to be in a good mood as they laughed and talked. On Wednesday night, Dale and Clare both posted photos of a delicious dinner on their Instagram Stories. In the background of Clare’s photo of her rigatoni dish, Dale’s asparagus side is clearly visible.

Additionally, both photos have identical table tops and both appear to show plates with the Rosebuds Steak and Seafood House logo on them. If Clare and Dale are truly spending a long period of time together in Florida, maybe they’re headed for a romantic reconciliation rather than a friendly catch-up with an ex. They posted photos and videos of sandy feet and new hairstyles in their stories. Eventually, it looks like they’ll be posting on top of each other again. You may have to wait for their next date.

Clare, 39, believed she had finally found the love of her life in Dale, 32. He wasn’t ready to tie the knot as quickly as she was and visibly winced at the thought of having children right away when Clare mentioned it when they met Chris Harrison. The more time they spend together, the more it seems like they are trying to figure out how to make their relationship work, despite the many obstacles – distance, timing for marriage, and children – that may stand in their way.

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