Complete Guide for Animators – Tips to Follow

In this digital age, marketers use various tools to convey their brand’s message to the audience effectively. Animation has become one of the most effective marketing tools. It is a digital art that is created with creative imagination.

Animation has revolutionized the digital world, and most businesses incorporate it to communicate effectively with the audience. Animation helps in attracting the audience’s attention. Most brands use animation on websites and social media platforms through videos and images.

Companies who use animation in their marketing strategy can easily get a competitive edge and capture the audience’s attention. The best thing about animation is that you can convey complex concepts in an easy-to-understand message with humor.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the best animation tips you should consider for creating animation.



Animations is an entertaining and creative technique that helps brands enrich their marketing and outreach. The beauty of animation is that you can use storytelling techniques to convey your brand’s or product’s story. People nowadays prefer to watch visual elements and enjoy stories.

You can use storytelling techniques with your animations to build audience interest in your marketing message.

Keep It Concise

Animations are significant for marketing but don’t drag it. Marketers and animators need to keep it concise, engaging, and to the point. Nobody has time to watch long animated videos, so it is better to keep videos short so that they will grab the audience’s attention.

Decide what to Animate

Undoubtedly, the animation is one of the most effective tools. However, you cannot animate everything, and you need to decide that it is suitable to animate the content you want. You can decide after checking the present form of the content and comparing it with the animated form.

Animations are Versatile

Animations are versatile, and you can create animations and customize them according to your requirements. Moreover, you can use various types of animations. This way, your audience will get every time something new and visually appealing. When you follow this strategy, you can experiment with various types of animations and check their results.

Choose the Right Colors

When creating animations, the animator should opt for suitable colors for animations. You can use vibrant colors to capture the audience’s attention. For instance, brands can use color schemes that match their company’s logo and products.

Know others Feedback

Animation is a creative art form; animators usually love their work. However, it is crucial to get the feedback of your colleagues, boss, and friends.

Constructive criticism helps in identifying the flaws in animation, and it helps in improving it. You can show your work and make the necessary changes in adjustments and edits accordingly.

Use Creative Animation Effects

The best thing about animation is that you can add various animation effects to make it even more engaging. Most people use animation to move the object from one end to another. It allows people to use creative effects in animation that make the characters and animation more appealing.


Avoid Animating every Object

Animations are highly engaging, but animators need to understand they shouldn’t animate every object. For instance:

Create a motionless background.

  • Animators can create the background artistically and aesthetically, but it shouldn’t be moving.
  • The best tip is to only animate the important characters.
  • You cannot add motion to everything; otherwise, your animation will fail to capture the audience’s attention.

Create the Stage and Background First, then Incorporate Animation

If you want to enhance your animations, consider this tip don’t do animation first. Instead, first, focus on creating the background and stage. Once you create the stage, incorporate animation into it.

When creators animate first, their animations have odd angles and rough edges that don’t match the background.

You might be wondering about the animated video cost; animation companies’ prices vary from $10,000 to $15,000 for a ninety-second video duration.

Don’t Forget to Add Dialogue

One of the best ways to make your animations even more engaging is to incorporate dialogues. Write a script for the main characters and add dialogues that significantly impact the viewers.

If you are using music in your video, ensure to set the low volume; otherwise, viewers won’t understand the dialogue.

Don’t start with the Promotional Message

The ultimate objective of animations is to enhance marketing, influence the buying behavior of the audience, and convey the message to the masses. However, don’t highlight the product’s features initially; otherwise, viewers feel they are watching another ad.

Every brand is advertising online; you need to think of innovative ideas. This way, you can capture the audience’s attention by not focusing on promotion at the start of the video. It will help build viewers’ interest in your video, and then you can discuss your product’s features and benefits.

Don’t Forget to Customize your Animation According to your Audience

You need to create the animations according to your audience. If your target customers are young or children, you can use fast and jolly animations to make them happy. However, it is unsuitable for the older audience, who might not like it.

If you want to win their hearts, try to use slower or sober animations. So, first, you need to consider your target audience who will see your content.

Don’t Solely Rely on Animations

Animations are one of the most effective marketing tools. But use animations to support your content. Your content should be innovative and engaging, and animation is only used to enhance the presentation of your product and content.

Closing Remarks

Animation has become one of the most effective tools of marketing. If you want to achieve the business objectives, it is essential to create animations with perfection. Now you have learned the best tips you must follow when creating an animation.

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