Cosmetic Surgery Center, Bangmod Hospital

Cosmetic Surgery Center, Bangmod Hospital It covers all 5 areas of breast cosmetic surgery:

Note: With a team of doctors who have expertise in cosmetic surgery and the high standard of the hospital That has been praised by customers all over the world. You can be confident in doing breast augmentation surgery with us. Read more information about breast augmentation at

  1. Breast augmentation (Breast Augmentation) from small to larger. This is a breast augmentation by inserting a silicone bag with the technique of “Modern Breast”, a specific technique of Bangmod Hospital. with endoscopic breast augmentation with dual plane silicone implants to achieve beautiful breasts less fibrosis The silicone inserted into the breasts are either spherical, teardrop-shaped, and body-adjustable. can be selected according to the needs of the patient and the discretion of the doctor
  2. Breast reduction (Breast Reduction) for those who have too big breasts. The effect in daily life of both difficult to wear clothes or exercise is not active as well as may cause neck / shoulder / shoulder pain, breast reduction surgery can help solve this problem. and can also tighten relocating the milk yard as well as reducing the size of the nipple area to a suitable size
  3. Breast lifting (Mastopexy) for those who have sagging breasts. which can be caused by many reasons Whether it is older age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, breast lift surgery is a very effective solution with vertical mammoplasty technique. It is a surgery that reduces the length of the surgical incision. Just a vertical line under the lower part of the breast, making the wound smaller and less recuperating. and make it more natural
  4. Increase the size and lift the breasts (Augmentation+Mastopexy) for those who have sagging breasts and have less breast meat problems. Silicone implants are added both under the muscle and above the muscle. The silicone shape will adjust according to the patient’s structure. causing the chest grooves to be closer together and more hilly This will be done in conjunction with a breast lift. make a beautiful shape.
  5. Transgender mastectomy for those who want to have a flat chest. Unlike male breasts Nipple removal can be performed simultaneously with nipple reduction at the same time. Breast surgery Affects blood vessels and nerves Therefore, it is necessary to be under the supervision of a qualified and experienced physician.

breast surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Center, Bangmod Hospital It is a leading cosmetic surgery center in Thailand. Has a reputation for breast augmentation surgery for over 40 years, along with the expertise of medical personnel. Combining modern technology until the result of “Bangmod Technique” that gives small wounds take less recovery time The result is natural and is safe Guaranteed by HELLO! Beauty Awards 2020 in Editors’ Choices category in the category of “The Most Trusted Breast Surgery Innovation” with the concept of breast augmentation surgery technique.

Preparation before breast surgery

– If there is a congenital disease or have medications that need to be used regularly You should consult your doctor before having surgery.

– Abstain from taking antiplatelet drugs and anticoagulants (Aspirin, Warfarin) approximately 1-2 weeks before the surgery, depending on the underlying disease of each patient.

– In people with congenital diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, the symptoms of these diseases must be controlled to be within the normal range. before surgery

– If you have a history of allergic reactions to medicines or anesthetics, you should inform your doctor.

– Refrain from smoking before and after surgery. because it will cause the wound to heal slowly

– Abstain from alcohol before and after surgery for at least 1 week.

– Take a shower and wash your hair and clean your body before the surgery.

– For those who require general anesthesia, they should abstain from food and water for at least 6-8 hours.

– Be prepared to wear loose, comfortable clothing that is easy to put on on the day of surgery.


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