Cougar Stephanie Davison Feeds Her Cat Key Lime Yogurt

Stephanie surprised fans with the special treat she gives her pet. Is Sugar Mama’s Lime Yogurt Really The Healthiest Choice For Her Cat?

The 90 day fiancé Couple Stephanie Davison & Belizean Sugar Baby Ryan Carr Are Getting A Lot Of Interest From Franchise Fans. Viewers eagerly follow Stephanie Davison on social media, desperate to keep an eye out for the goofy antics and racy photos that dominate her feed. Of course, Stephanie’s cat Cooper, who seems to be just as pampered by Stephanie as Ryan is, is a major draw for fans. Stephanie recently published an article about feeding her feline lime yogurt.

Stephanie loves telling people about her 27-year-old fiancé, and that includes the drama. The owner of the Skin Envy Clinic met Ryan on a romantic trip to Belize, and that’s when things stopped being easy for the couple. Fans of the show have seen Stephanie and Ryan’s rocky relationship stutter throughout 90 day fiancé season 8 because of their large age gap, cultural differences, and Stephanie’s intimacy with Ryan’s cousin on one occasion. Since the show, Stephanie has also made some startling allegations of abuse against Ryan, leaving fans wondering if the couple are currently together. While there hasn’t been a lot of love for Ryan shared lately on Stephanie’s social media, her cat Cooper is getting a lot of attention.

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Recently, Stephanie shared her cat’s surprising breakfast treat with her Instagram fans, giving them a glimpse of her feeding Cooper with a key lime yogurt. Cooper is definitely a very pampered cat, but it could pay off. Stephanie reveals her furry baby is 19, but “his doctor said he could live to 25 because his health is so good. While Cooper is sure to be spoiled in other ways and receiving the very best in feline care, Stephanie thinks she might be onto something with the yogurt. Some TLC fans agree, calling it “the best mom. Based on Stephanie shading Ryan on social media, it’s possible Ryan will have to compete with Cooper for Stephanie’s affection if he ever comes to America, and a lot of people don’t think he will. See Stéphanie’s post below:

While fans generally liked Stephanie’s special treat, experts recommend paying attention to what is given to a cat. Felines tend to avoid the smell of citrus fruits because, according to the ASPCA, limes and other citrus fruits are toxic to cats. They can potentially cause vomiting, diarrhea, and dermatitis. However, the organization notes that the main problem with citrus fruits for cats is the essential oils in the skin, and the fruit itself is safe to eat. While the Key Lime Yogurt is probably safe, it might be best for Stephanie to go plain, at least until Yoplait releases a tuna flavor. It’s also possible that the simulated lime flavor was used in the yogurt Davison gave his pet.

Fans love to see their favorite 90 day fiancé stars showcase their fur babies, and Cooper is no exception. Viewers may be divided over their feelings about Stephanie, but they adore her cat.

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Source: Stephanie Davison / Instagram, ASPCA

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