COVID Certificate Verification- Why A Digital Solution Was Needed?

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused a huge number of deaths worldwide. This disease has on one hand brought drastic results in the context of human lives being lost. But simultaneously, it has paved the way for many business organizations to bring about new technologies for the elimination of this disease. The development of vaccines is one of those developments. Covid certificate verification is the process the need for which was felt when fraudsters and scammers started to misuse this legal document. COVID certificate is a document that provides the evidence to verify if an entity is being completely vaccinated with the number of doses required. 

Frauds Associated With COVID Certificate Verification

Illegal manipulative activities are starting to turn too common nowadays that listening about one is no shocker now. COVID certificate is the new target for this unethical practice. Common sense reflects that a certificate should be a piece of speaking evidence with no further need for verification but that is not the case here. There are a lot of incidents that demonstrate the need for authentication of the COVID certificate.

Forgery of COVID Certificate

In the region of Australia, the increasing cases of COVID led the government to think of solutions that could have a scattered impact on the country instead of dealing with the disease on an individual basis. Thus, the country authorities launched an application that was supposed to assist the process of obtaining the certification of being vaccinated. But, it was reported to have a security issue that gave the leverage to many scammers that then tampered with the functionality of the application leading to data loss.

Fake Reports for COVID Certificate Verification

The increasing trend of fraud has accelerated the verifying process in many regions. For instance, the European Union’s law enforcement agencies initiated an investigation to collect insights about the illegal issuance that was being carried out in the countries that were members of the EU. 

However, no exact number of fake reports was brought forward but to improvise the COVID certificate verification system, as an initial step, the travel restrictions were revised. These restrictions made it mandatory for the tourists and other people who came from abroad to possess a verified COVID certificate in order to ensure the prevention of disease from being spread out otherwise. 

The Scam of Telegram

It is essential to verify the COVID certificate from a legal entity that is reliable, trusted, and most importantly, it should be a legal body that is globally recognized as a verifying attorney. This is because only these entities can assure if the certificate presented is acceptable or not with their standard stamps of verification. This action is mandatory because scammers are using social apps like Telegram now to sell COVID certificates that are apparently verified. They are doing this with all the legal requirements fulfilled so that it looks credible. These verified certificates are said to be sold for just $31 in 2021 in Ukraine. 

Digital Verification of Vaccine Certificate 

All these frauds and scams were still uncontrollable with the previous measures taken, either it was an app or some restriction of regular checking. The problem was not sorted. This was the point where IDV solution providers came up with a digital mechanism that was supported by artificial intelligence. This system was introduced to eliminate human manipulation, document tampering issues, and other frauds committed. Acquisition of a digital vaccine verification certificate eliminates the chance of data loss and compromised data security. 

AI-supported digital services for COVID verification are intact with the GDPR. These systems are designed with a perspective of compatibility across different territories and enabled to read different languages along with the different formats of COVID certificates prevalent across the globe. Some of the distinctive IDV solution providers are also found to have a panel of official labs that are authorized by the government to support the digital verification process. AI-supported solutions are unable to be duplicated by a human mind

Final Thoughts

Coronavirus certificate verification using digital means especially enabled by the integration of artificial intelligence facilitates the reduction of fraud and eliminates the chance of forgery because artificial intelligence reads the data with the help of machine language and there is no human involvement except that the document is cross-verified for ensuring dual safety. This is because the AI system is trained by inputting the data of millions of COVID certificates so that the machine is able to read it and verify certificates accordingly meeting a certain set index of similarity that determines the level of accuracy required.       

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