HHC also known as hexahydrocannabinol is a secondary known proximate of THC, it was discovered in the 1940s. HHC is a secondary cannabinoid, it occurs naturally in cannabis. It is the recent tide of hemp from cannabinoids. HHC, scientifically called hexahydrocannabinol, is simply a hydrogenated form of THC naturally occurring in a diversity of cannabis and hemp plants.

Most cannabinoids can be modified to other cannabinoids by revamping the chemistry of molecules, like dazed THCV gummies. However HHC does not contain THC, therefore it has a legal advantage over Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10. HHC and THC share a reasonably comparable molecule structure. The key difference being HHC is that it has additional hydrogenated carbons and THC is missing an ester atom as well as a carbon bond.


D8 superstore stocks many HHC products, their hhc gummies are naturally flavored and seasoned with fruits. You only need one or half a gummy per day, like dazed 8 gummies and dazed THCV gummies. The thcv gummies is just a regular CBD flower dipped in the distillate. D8 superstore advises customers to consume the flower through smoking for a relaxed and rhapsodic effect.

HHC effect is similar to THC, HHC is the most stable form of THC as it’s super resistant to oxidation, heat, and UV light, so you don’t have to worry much about your stash degrading and losing its potency.


HHC calms the whole body and mind while giving you the feeling of exhilaration and euphoria, it increases heart rate, body climate, as well as different optical and acoustical perception.

With an inflow of emerging cannabinoids on the hemp market, it is more important than ever before for users to have a better knowledge and good understanding of how each one reacts in the body to ensure an experience compatible with their needs. Especially since many of the emerging cannabinoids are psychoactive, users should always know what to expect so that they can end up purchasing the best choices for their goals and preference with hemp plants. HHC appears naturally in cannabis but in small quantities. However, since the natural concentration of HHC in cannabis is small and producers are unable to make viable HHC products from it, what they do instead is hydrogenate THC.


If you are solely and entirely new to THC and its cannabinoids , then it’s best to take a small percentage, or perhaps even a micro portion of (1-2mg) before gradually working your way up to bigger ones. Delta-10 THC Disposable is second to none, this sativa is as invigorating, stimulating, vital and energizing as it sounds. Two of the most celebrated cannabinoids available right now are Delta-1o tetrahydrocannabinol, Delta-10 THC products and Hexahydrocannabinol(HHC products). ALIEN TEXAS POUNDCAKE 1G is okay for a start.


Most stocks and vendors or merchants don’t sell HHC yet because it is still new and modern, but you can be assured to get it through D8 for sale online superstore. It’s a reliable superstore where you can get the best THCV products , dazed THCV gummies, delta-10 disposable, delta-8 products and 3chi northern lights. D8 super store is one of the best brand and stores to purchase your desired HHC and THC products. HHC products have a far longer shelf life than THC and it’s far more stable compound than THC with much stronger resistance to heat.

If you are looking for psychoactive options along with numerous forms of relief, d8superstore.com is a reliable source with 100% insured  products as well as rigorous  lab reporting for quality control purposes. You can view all d8superstore.com, Delta-8, Delta-10, THCV Products, ALIEN TEXAS POUNDCAKE 1G, dazed8 gummies, dazed thcv gummies and HHC products.

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