Darcey Silva Reveals Tom Got Botox After Breakup

90 Day Fiance Bares All the guests and franchise star Darcey Silva have decided to reveal that Tom Brooks had had Botox after their dramatic breakup.

90 day fiance puts it all Darcey Silva, guest and star of the franchise, decided to reveal that Tom Brooks had had Botox after their dramatic break-up. The fashionista wasted no time in choosing to throw Tom under the bus by revealing all his peculiarities.

Darcey Silva has often been seen as fake, as she and her twin often have heart-to-heart conversations that turn into crying, but with no visible tears. Fans have always called out Darcey and her twin for playing the drama. Darcey has become a household name thanks to TLC. The network originally followed the mother of two as she left all of America to travel to Amsterdam. She went there to meet her distant boyfriend, Jesse Meester. He was a young personal trainer whose personality did not match that of Darcey. She soon found love again with another handsome stranger, Tom Brooks.

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The new Discovery + spin-off has been hit and going with the fans, but those who decided to pay for it love all the behind-the-scenes content, especially on A 90 day fiancé puts it all in. This week’s franchise favorite Darcey stopped to spill tea to greet Shaun Robinson saying: “I can’t believe I got myself through this madness.”

TLC fans strongly agreed that Darcey should have noticed that Tom was not in their relationship because she was extremely enthusiastic. Although she did reveal a few tidbits about Jesse Meester, who obviously gave her a silk dress, she did bring up the fact that her English boyfriend “wanted to be the pretty one in the relationship.” According to the twin, Tom did his best to “Smell good, try to look good. I think he started taking botox after we broke up.” Fans can’t necessarily judge the man as it looked like their toxic relationship had likely taken its toll on him.

The Connecticut Beauty also hinted that the second season of Darcey and Stacey would be awesome. Darcey is currently engaged to Georgi Rusev, who is still married, but she is happy to wait. She even shared a clip with the host and viewers telling her friends that she was engaged again. TLC viewers doubt Darcey would ever learn of her past relationships, but are hoping the third time is a charm, although we wouldn’t necessarily bet it would work.

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