DC’s Future Heroes Are Incredible, But Villains Are Total Failures

In DC’s future state, the brain cells of Superman of Metropolis and the Hyperclan of Justice League all pursue the same type of strategy.

Future state blessed DC’s continuity with incredible new heroes, including deeply flawed but completely badass Yara Flor as Wonder Woman. But the same can’t be said for the villains of the future. They may appear menacing and be imbued with terrifying powers, but what they seem to possess in abundance, they make up for a lack of originality.

Many of these so-called great adversaries seem to have a common methodology for carrying out their evil plots: to control the minds of the human population. Have the villains of Earth somehow undergone an age of deep enlightenment between the present and the future state of DC where the muses have blessed them with such a glut of innovative ideas to lead? So much for their vile deeds that they’ve sort of run through every possible scenario imaginable and now have to resort to the same madness over and over again?

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At least the bad guys portrayed in Future State: Superman of Metropolis and Future State: Justice League run out of ideas. In Superman from metropolis, Andrej Trojan of Trojan Solutions helped bring Metropolis closer to Gotham by creating technology that he presumably advertised as an upgrade that people could inject into their skin. It was not false publicity if he meant that they would become so-called Trojan Zealots. Regardless, these fanatics were now under the control of an artificial intelligence entity known as Brain Cells. Trojan technology was so effective that the shenanigans of the Trojan Zealots eventually caught the attention of the US military, a predicament that this specific branch of the military wanted Superman to deal with forcefully.

Meanwhile, the Hyperclan takes revenge on the Justice League and all of humanity by doing almost literally the exact same thing in Future State: Justice League # 2 written by Joshua Williamson with art by Robson Rocha. After successfully transporting the Justice League to a new Earth in the multiverse, these White Martians finally reveal their heinous plot: to use their Martian technology to connect and return every human’s mind to a more primitive state so that they can easily enslave them. . The aliens ultimately decide to use the League Hall of Justice as a platform for technology, either because it’s quite high and will reach more people, or because it serves as a messed up, albeit effective, symbol. Use a building that represents humanity’s saving grace to be their final destiny? It’s intense.

But this is where the problem lies. It’s a great idea, but the execution is wrong. Why can’t the Hyperclan just take control of the Hall of Justice? Or, if they have to use some kind of bondage technology, why not find something that can generate chains on every human being? Why does it always have to be some kind of mind control in DC Future state?

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