Diablo 4’s Rogues Have Traps, But They Must Be Used Strategically

A Blizzard developer noted that while Rogue from Diablo IV will be equipped with traps, players will need to be strategic in their use.

A developer from Blizzard Entertainment revealed this then Diablo IVof The Rogue class will have access to traps, players will need to deploy them strategically. Introducing yesterday’s BlizzConline 2021 for Diablo resulted in the emergence of several notable details about the highly anticipated new entry. Specifically, fans were treated to the announcement of Diablo IV new class – Rogue.

The fourth of the game’s five classes, the Rogue is a dexterity-based character who uses a bow or crossbow for ranged attacks while still using swords and daggers in melee combat. Such a diverse skill set also informs the movement and abilities of the Rogue class. For example, the character is incredibly agile, able to dash in and out of conflicts to deliver quick hits when needed. Meanwhile, their special abilities range from launching a flurry of daggers at point blank range to showering a storm of arrows from above. Blizzard showcased all of this and more with Diablo IV game clips during his “Diablo: and thenStill, it looks like there is still more to learn about the announced new character class.

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Talk with Screen Rant, Piepiora, Senior Systems Designer, revealed that area-of-effect traps are still in the works for Diablo IV PvP. Above all else, the developers want to make sure that Rogue’s traps aren’t an ability players use for online trolling tactics. Strategic planting of traps for ambushes and the like will be encouraged, Piepiora explained; however, some systems are in place to ensure that Rogue’s traps do not trigger while the player is a long distance out of range. The developer also revealed that the traps are currently proving difficult to spot in some areas. It also represents a gameplay element that requires additional iteration. Piepiora noted the following:

“As far as the visibility of the trap goes, that’s something we’re playing with right now. At the moment, the trap is getting pretty hard to spot, especially in grass and other foliage, if you are a hostile player and try to hit other players. with the trap. They don’t last very long. If you try to land one and then run away a long distance, it will eventually disappear. it’s certainly possible to stumble upon these a bit further.This is something we’re going to continue to iterate and play on as we move through the development process. We need to make sure that we feel Okay. Say, if you want to ambush in the classic sense, there are opportunities and options for you in that setting. “

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It will be interesting to see how well Blizard is able to tune Rogue’s trap mechanic before launch. If the right balance isn’t struck, that particular character class could quickly become the one the player base finds disruptive. Of course, other classes are likely to receive similar upgrades throughout production.

In addition to Rogue, Blizzard has publicly unveiled three other classes for Diablo IV – Barbarian, druid and witch. As previously reported, there is at least one more class to showcase, though when the studio will reveal said details remains a mystery. Fans still have a lot to look forward to this year, however, thanks to the late 2021 release of Diablo II: resurrected on consoles and PC.

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Diablo IV is currently in production for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms, but Blizzard has yet to announce the title’s launch date.

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