Digital Education Can Be Fun

 Our world is moving steadily to digitalization. What could be impossible to imagine ten years ago, has already been conquered and become a part of our life. We are going to bed and waking up every morning not with the people we are living with but with our devices. Our smartphone simply connects us to the world at any time and any place we want, only if there will be an internet connection nearby. Our hobbies have become digital, our communication has become, and even our bad habits. Lots of modern arts are created online or even by artificial intelligence. Not only arts but even visiting casinos has become way easier and doesn’t require that many resources. You can test your luck today at an online casino live just by staying at home. 

      Education Can Be Different

     Education can be different in different countries according to laws and political influence. Our global world removed some borders in getting knowledge and today you can study in any country of the world if you wish so. From a piece of chalk on the blackboard to the screens and laptops that allow you to study remotely. We are not going to talk here about knowledge and different subjects as the acceptance of knowledge depends mostly on the students and their desire to achieve future goals. We are going to share some useful applications that can help you in absorbing such knowledge. Grab a cup of tea with lemon and nuts and try to test all of them by yourself. 

       School and university programs are much easier to learn if you diversify the learning process with useful suggestions. We have collected the most effective for productivity and the study of individual subjects.


        A simple application that is best suited for learning pairs in a foreign language using double-sided flashcards. To practice spelling, Quizlet offers two modes. The First one allows you to write a word by listening to its pronunciation. The second one is more difficult because you can spell out a translation for a card that appears in front of your eyes. Each module can be sent to friends with a link or printed in a convenient format.


      Application for learning foreign languages. English, Spanish, French, German and eight other languages are available to choose from. They can be taught by completing various tasks on grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension. Gradually completing the lessons and moving along the language tree, you can additionally immerse yourself in the language, communicating with native speakers and checking each other’s work. The last feature is bought with an internal currency that is berries, which you earn for completing different tasks. 


       A beautiful timer that motivates you to study and helps you not be distracted by the phone. Set the time and plant a tree at the same time. If you exit the application while studying or working, the tree dies. But if you still survive to the end, you will receive coins. They can be spent inside the app to buy new types of plants. The most diligent will be able to accumulate enough coins to pay for planting a real tree.

 Microsoft OneNote

     One of the most convenient note-taking apps. The ability to group notes into folders and subfolders is great for keeping notes on different subjects. The date and time of creation will automatically be displayed under the title, so you don’t have to frantically remember what day the lecture was on. The text of the note itself is built using blocks. It allows you to write anywhere on the page, as well as use all the features of a familiar text editor. Lines and sentences are easily selected inside the block and dragged to any place. To each note, you can add voice comments, and files, or, after synchronizing with the tablet, make sketches using the stylus.


       Application for solving equations. Scans the condition through the camera and easily parses even the most incomprehensible handwriting. Next, you can see the answer, standardize the equation step by step, and expand the detailed solution. Below is a graph for each task. The equation can not only be photographed but also entered manually into the calculator field. Everything is available for calculation like sines, cosines, logarithms, integrals, and factorials.

    In conclusion, we hope you will enjoy testing these applications. Don’t forget that our digital helpers make our life simple but not simpler. They only help us to gain the right knowledge we want, but lots of effort should be made to achieve the final desirable dream. We wish you all the luck in achieving them! 

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