Do You Think Digital Business Cards Are the Future?

Considering the digital nature of most business cards, it makes sense to use these in the future. Not only will they make a lasting impression, but you won’t have to worry about accidentally giving out the wrong information or losing your email address. And unlike traditional business cards, digital ones can be easily transferred between devices. They’re reusable, too, so you can keep using them and only have to replace them once or twice.

The concept of interactive paper is becoming more mainstream with the rise of the internet. Interactive paper is one way to create a reactive digital media experience. It’s been discussed on the BBC recently as a way to create paper posters that play music. These posters use printed circuits made of conductive ink. Interactive paper keeps the digitally-savvy consumer interested. One day, these cards could even come equipped with GPS systems so that customers can find your business easily.

The traditional print business card is not only outdated and ineffective but also not very eco-friendly. Modern business cards are created with careful planning. They incorporate color, typeface, space, logo, image, and more. They combine these elements to make the desired impact, leaving a lasting impression in the mind of clients. The digital business card offers the same benefits but lacks the tactile quality. Aside from providing contact information and opening times, digital business cards can also double as a central brand marketing platform. With the ability to share a company’s logo and social media links, these cards can be environmentally-friendly and help demonstrate a business’ ethos.

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