Dying Light 2 Developers Vent Frustrations About Bad Management

Techland, developer of Dying Light 2, is called out for a toxic workplace, uncompromising CEO, and more in a scathing new report from The Gamer.

Dying Light 2 appears to be in trouble following a scathing report about its mismanaged developer, Techland. The developer of the beloved zombie series has been criticized for his toxic workplace, lack of vision, and uncompromising CEO.

Dying Light 2 is one of the most anticipated games after the runaway success of the first game, but it takes a while to come to fruition. After some impressive gameplay footage in 2019, the game has remained largely silent. Techland reiterated that the game is not in development hell, but that there could be some internal brewing issues.

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In a new report from The player, sources noted how mismanaged Techland is and explained that this is one of the reasons Dying Light 2 is taking so long to release. The sources mainly pointed the finger at the CEO of the company, Pawel Marchewka, who either endorses or rejects almost every idea and struggles to create any sort of concrete vision for the studio. “It is 100% true that there is nothing set in stone in Techland. The story of Dying Light 2 has been rewritten about six times. It might have worked in Dying Light because the project was smaller, but it made production for Dying Light 2 – a much bigger project – just impossible to move forward.

Dying Light 2 is not in development Hell says Techland

More than 20 people have left the 400-person studio in the past few months, including key people like the writer of Dying Light 2. Sources noted that the game’s writing team has been rehearsed several times with new people coming and going. A source even said that they “I have no idea what the end game will be, or the story. It has changed so much. People kept on arresting, getting fired. It is clear that the game has no cohesive vision from start to finish and closely resembles a Cyberpunk 2077– like a mess. Techland’s CEO apparently aspires to be like CD Projekt Red, so much so that he could emulate that company’s own failures in the pursuit of greatness.

There is currently no release date for Dying Light 2 but new details are expected to arrive in 2021. It looks like it could be sooner rather than later, as a recent leak introduced the game’s Collector’s Edition, which means new assets and marketing materials are ready to go. . If all goes well, maybe the game could be released this year. Given the state Cyberpunk 2077 launched, it’s also entirely possible that Techland will take further steps to avoid a similar misfire. The company was supposed to release the game in 2019, which the developers said was impossible after the CEO set the date. The CEO eventually gave in and delayed the game.

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Dying Light 2 will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, and PC.

Source: The player

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