Earn2Trade Evaluation and Career Pathways

The trading industry can be complicated at times, and every trader’s initial education in the industry is no exception. Numerous trading courses and offers are available, but which is the best and which organization has moral goals to teach you how to become a better trader?

Earn2Trade is one of the select few businesses that acts as a headhunter looking for true talent. Excellent futures funded trader programmes are available from Earn2Trade to assist traders in quickly achieving their objectives. The main advantage is that investors can practise trading without putting their own money at risk. Instead, participants in this programme have the option to trade using funded trading accounts from Appius Trading or Helios Trading Partners and keep 80% of trading profits.

Earn2Trade debuted their brand-new Trader Career Path at the beginning of 2022. Through this path, traders can scale their careers by trading accounts up to $200,000 with a fixed drawdown. The Gauntlet Mini, an exam specifically designed for intraday traders, as Well as the Gauntlet, a programme for maximum trader flexibility, are two of their other products, and this one is a great addition to both.

This earn2trade review examines all three Earn2Trade funded trader programmes in depth and outlines their similarities and differences.

What is Earn2Trade?

Earn2Trade is a provider of trading education that supports traders in their learning process. They also serve as a hiring agency for proprietary trading companies, picking out the best traders and allowing them to trade funded accounts up to $200,000 in value.

  • Two licenced commodity trading advisors and just a former university professor founded Earn2Trade in the beginning. 
  • The company is now run by a group of traders and educators who share a passion for assisting traders in obtaining funding after the original founders eventually sold their shares in the business.

Earn2Trade is unique compared to other funded account providers. To give traders and investors the widest range of options, they constantly enhance their offering, modify their programmes in response to customer requests, and roll out new offers.

This is also true for the recently launched Trader Future Career, a funded trader programme created to aid traders in developing a scaling plan for their careers. Therefore, traders always begin by testing their skills on a $25,000 trading exam rather than choosing a particular account size. After passing the exam, they are already funded and connect a prop trading firms.

From this point forward, investors can trade the company’s capital and cash out their gains. The distinctive feature of the Trader Career Path would be that traders who achieve their goals advance within the company and trade increasingly larger accounts worth up to $200,000. This is unique in the market and enables traders to put up little money for the smallest able to trade challenge, but as they get better, they can trade bigger accounts.

For those who want to keep expenses to a minimum while having a good chance of managing a sizable portfolio in the long run, the trader chosen career is a great option. Now tell me how the Merchant Career Path functions.

Merchant Career Path Evaluation Process:

The evaluation phase or a $25,000 account with digital starting capital are the first steps in the Trader Career Path. The daily loss cap is $550, the EOD drawdown is defined as $1,500, and the profit target is set at $1,750. The Trader Future Career evaluation requires traders to trade for at least 15 days, are only permitted to trade during designated hours, and follow a progression ladder that allows them to trade up to three futures contracts.

During the evaluation process, there is another crucial rule to consider. The Consistency Rule is what it is. According to the consistency rule, a single day’s profit cannot make up and over 30% of the overall profit and loss. The prop company prefers to see traders generate consistent profits over a single lucky home run.

Therefore, it’s crucial to consistently make money every day. Notably, even if you make such a sizable daily profit, you do not automatically fail the Evaluation process. However, you must continue to participate in more trading profit-generating days until your biggest trading earnings day does not represent more than 30% of the total profits.

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