Everything To Know About Head Chef Marino Monferrato

Chef Marino Monferrato has been Hell’s Kitchen Butler since Season 13. Here’s everything you need to know about the Italian native.

Marino Monferrato is the butler on Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen. He has been restaurant manager for the past six seasons and is currently featured in season 19. Here’s everything you need to know about the Italian native.

Before Marino joined the cast of Hell’s kitchen, he has worked in many restaurants as general manager, restaurant manager and even professional wine taster. At 17, Marino joined chef Gualtiero Marchesi in his 3 Michelin star restaurant. From his beginnings in the industry, Marino has continued his success in London, France, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Even before his official debut as a maitre d ‘, Marino appeared as a guest judge for the Burger Portion Challenge in season 11. Two seasons later, he was invited to return as the restaurant’s official manager.

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As butler, Marino is responsible for serving the facade of the house. He’s also responsible for showing chefs how to prepare the table side dish. During his first table service, Marino delayed the first catering ticket. It was a rough start after the previous restaurant manager, Jean-Philippe, whom Ramsey described as the best butler in the world. However, Marino quickly redeemed himself and even used his experience to give Season 13 contestants a lesson in wine tasting.

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Marino’s expertise in the kitchen goes beyond the simple management of the front of the house. He is also the partner of two very successful pizzerias. In Season 17, Ramsey introduced Marino’s “special” pizza to the participants, each slice representing different countries of the challenge. Ramsey clearly respects the Italian’s views on food and even asked him to try the competitor’s dishes, especially the risotto.

Although Marino’s appearances on the show are limited, he provided many memorable moments that fans are sure to remember. In season 17, Ramsey’s famous fiery character prompted him to throw scorched potatoes out of the kitchen. As the drama unfolded, Marino can be seen catching the flying potatoes with a big smile on his face. Another notable moment was in season 18; Marino’s kitchen station caught fire as he demonstrated to the candidates. This led Ramsey to give him a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. Only a few episodes later, Ramsey jokingly showed the contestants a photo of teenage Marino, wearing short shorts, on a motorcycle. Marino quickly fought back later in the episode, revealing a young photo of Ramsey.

Over the past six seasons, Marino has shown fans that he is more than just a restaurant manager; he is a successful business owner, wine connoisseur and pizza master. Fans, however, adore Marino for his subtle comedic moments. They saw him dressed as a cowboy, wearing an ice cream costume, and even riding a gelato bike. Despite its small appearances, Hell’s Kitchen viewers can look forward to the next Marino stunt; hopefully, this time without the flames.

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