Eye Pain – Effective  Home Remedies to Learn 

Your eyes are precious as you can see the world’s colour and enjoy the moments by capturing them. But the pain in the eyes which is also known as ophthalmalgia brings on different other symptoms, like burning, itching, and throbbing sensation. Having pain in your eyes may be caused by the eye strain or a serious brain infection may cause it.

Eye specialists in Lahore say that eye pain may also come with blurred vision, severe headache, giddiness, neck stiffness, injury, vomiting, etc. when you experience such symptoms, make sure that you visit the nearest emergency for medical help.

Now, we should learn about the causes of eye pain.

Foreign body: There are many foreign bodies that can enter your eyes and cause irritation. It may also cause pain, such as an eyelash, makeup IQ, or dust can enter your eyes and cause pain. Exposure to foreign bodies can cause pain, watery eyes, blurred vision, etc.

Conjunctivitis: The underside of the eyelid is known as conjunctiva which can get infected or inflamed due to different infections and allergies. It is also known as conjunctivitis which leads to redness and watery eyes.

Injury: Physical trauma or some chemical burns can cause eye injuries. It may bring more symptoms, like pain, itching, burning, swelling, or affected vision.

Sty: It is a blepharitis infection that can result in a raised bump on the eyelid which is known as sty.

Glaucoma: Increased eye pressure causes glaucoma. It may cause headaches, and nausea or even can affect vision.

Sinusitis: Sinus infection causes pressure on your eyes and pain behind the eyes.

Iritis: iris inflammation is known as iritis.

There may be more reasons that can cause eye pain but here are some home remedies that you can follow to ease the pain.

Tips to Prevent Eye Strain 

There are some home remedies that can relieve eye pain.

  • The very first thing that comes to mind to ease eye pain is the warm compress. You need to take a clean, and warm towel that you can place over the eyes. If the pain is caused by conjunctivitis, you should take a warm compress and also clear the pus or dry up the crust that is causing eye pain.
  • Artificial tears or OTC can help your eyes from dryness. But you should know that it may cause mild pain in the eyes as it helps to get rid of the foreign bodies. Check the drops if they contain preservatives because such drops should not be used by anyone more than four times a day. But first, you should diagnose the condition.
  • Low moisture content in the air can cause many problems. But you can easily handle the situation using a humidifier. It will help to keep the air indoors moist.
  • Make sure that you avoid the things which can cause eye pain. For example, the smoke can cause eye irritation or even worsen the symptoms. If you smoke, quit it or it can lead to eye irritation.
  • If you use eyewear, you should change it after a specific time period. It is also the same for the contacts. You should choose specially designed contacts or eyewear.
  • Your eyes are at risk as direct sun exposure can also cause eye problems. Bright lights can cause pain and dryness or can act as a trigger. You can wear sunglasses to prevent eye damage.
  • When you watch TV, make sure that you adjust the light to prevent eye pain and dryness.
  • Always take a break when you use digital devices. It will give a relaxing moment to your eyes.
  • Make sure that you do limit the screen time or it can cause eye strain. Your eyes also need rest. People use computer screens and then use mobile phones at night. It can cause damage to your eyes.
  • Avoid exposure to pollutants that can cause irritation and pain in the eyes.
  • Some OTC also works effectively and reduces the watery eye conditions that may be caused by different causes.

We all should know that some causes can lead to serious eye problems, including vision loss. Experts believe that eyes also need proper care that you can do to prevent potential eye diseases or infections. When you want to touch your eyes, make sure that you wash your hands. Otherwise, it can transfer the germs from the other surfaces to your eyes which may cause infections.

Age-related diseases can also affect your eyes. You should eat a health diet to prevent the potential risk of eye infection.


You should be careful when you go outside. Always wear glasses and protect your eyes against the harmful UV rays of the sun and protect your eyes from sunlight. You can also wear a hat to prevent direct sunlight exposure.

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