Fakieh Aquarium And The Dolphin Show In Jeddah

Fakieh Aquarium is located just off Al Kurnaysh Road on Jeddah’s north corniche. It is the only Aquarium for the public in Saudi Arabia. The main idea behind it is to offer education and entertainment. Animals from different seas and oceans across the world have been brought into the aquarium to showcase the underwater environment of the Red Sea. The tunnels and vast tanks of the aquarium are home to over 200 species, including sharks, sea horses, groupies, napoleon wrasse, stingrays, Murrays, and many more. 

The Fakieh Aquarium also has diverse flora and fauna of the Red Sea. To expand the sea world life a unique sea dragon has been made a part of the aquarium recently. Fakieh Aquarium in Jeddah is a perfect place to visit with the family. Often visited by children and families to see the marvelous creatures and their activities. A  seal lion and dolphin shows in jeddah are conducted on a daily basis that leaves the visitors enchanted and mesmerized. The Aquarium will soon be giving the opportunity to swim with the Dolphins. One can see blue tangs swimming, giant clams opening their shells, jellyfish pulsing through the water currents, and also get face-to-face with sharks.

Things to do at Fakieh Aquarium – Shows and Activities


  1. Exploe the Marine Life

A key attraction of the aquarium is the acrylic tunnel allowing visitors to watch marine life closely. Tourists can opt to book aquarium tours to know more about these amazing sea creatures, marine flora, and coral reefs. While on the tour, the staff tells the tourists about the tale of endangered marine life, rescued after a disease or an injury, and released into their natural surroundings. All through the tour, the information is provided to the visitors in both Arabic and English language.

  1. Watch the Dolphin Show

Another top attraction of Fakieh Aquarium is the Dolphin Show, visitors from all over the country come to watch the show. Exciting tricks are performed by the dolphins with their trainer which keeps the audience entertained.

  1. Enjoy at the Gaming Arcade

The kid also enjoys the games arcade in Al Shallal. There are various other activities and events, such as ice skating in Al Shallal, which happens daily from 5:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Special programs are organized for school kids. They also offer special entry ticket rates and discounts on aquarium tours and dolphin shows.

  1. Eat a tummy full at its Dining Facilities

There are many eateries and restaurant options available at the location. One can enjoy dinner with family and friends at the outdoor lounge which offers a stunning view of the Red Sea. The Blue Ocean Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tourists also enjoy a variety of dishes at this Miami Beach-style eating joint. This family restaurant with a contemporary setting serves dishes like pasta, seafood, burgers, sandwiches, desserts, hot beverages, juices, salads, and many more.

Fakieh Aquarium: All you need to know to plan a visit


Located next to Al Kurnaysh Rd, Al Nawras, Jeddah. The most important question that comes to mind is how to reach Fakieh Aquarium? Jeddah has a great transportation system, making it easier for tourists and locals to travel from one place to another. Fakieh Aquarium, travelers can be reached by hiring a cab or using a mode of private transport. One can also reach the Fakieh Aquarium by bus facility managed by the Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO). The Fakieh Aquarium is situated near Al Kurnaysh Rd, Al Nawras Jeddah.


Fakieh Aquarium Entry Fee & Timings

The entry to the Fakieh Aquarium is paid for except for toddlers. The ticket price for visitors above two years of age is SAR 65, and for less than two, the entry is free. Group booking id also allowed, however the minimum requirement for a group booking is 50 people. The visiting hours to the aquarium are as follows:

  • Sunday and Thursday – From 10 am to 11 pm
  • Friday – Between 1:30 pm and 11 pm
  • Saturday – From 1 pm to 11 pm

Additional Facilities

For the convenience of the tourists, a prayer room is also available. It is located beside the Blue ocean restaurant on the premises. Tourists can avail the internet facility at the Wi-Fi zone available in Fakieh Aquarium 

Things to note and remember

  • Visitors should refrain from feeding sea creatures as it can harm their health.
  • Plan the visit considering the opening hours.
  • Stay calm and avoid making a loud noise as that may agitate the animals.
  • It is of utmost importance to keep the premises clean hence the visitors should ensure that they do not litter 
  • The adults should always accompany the kids. It is advised to keep an eye on children as they might get lost in the crowd.
  • Tourists co-operate with the staff and follow their instructions.
  • It is also important to follow COVID protocols like wearing a face mask at all times, maintaining social distance, and sanitizing hands on a regular basis.
  • Visitors should also cooperate with the security at the checkpoints
  • It is preferred to use the contactless method for payments while buying tickets or purchasing food or any product for that matter.
  • Tourists make sure that they cover their mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing.
  • Tourists should not also  smoke inside the premises.

If wish to spend a great time with your family and friend Fakieh Aquarium in Saudi Arabia is a great place to visit. This Caribbean-themed family entertainment center was built with the purpose of providing Saudi people with an abundance of fun and excitement.

Fakieh Aquarium in Saudi Arabia is a stunning aquarium that is often visited by children and families. The bewildering marine creatures, such as jellyfish, dolphins, sharks, stonefish, and giant turtles fascinate the tourists. One cannot miss the amazing dolphin show. You can also shop for souvenirs from the gift store and relish delicious food from the cafe. Watching the marvelous creatures and their activities that will astound you.  visit Jeddah is between October and March. The weather during this time is calm and pleasant; thus, making it a perfect time for sightseeing and exploring different attractions. Offering a glimpse of the colorful aquatic world of the Red Sea, Fakieh Aquarium is a must-visit.


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