Fall Guys Offers Limited Edition Red Panda Costume For Valentine’s Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Fall Guys are adding an adorable red panda skin for a limited time, during which players can grab the costume for some kudos.

Fall guys players can transform their bean mascots into charming red pandas with a limited edition costume for Valentine’s Day. It is rumored that even more skins and costumes will be added to the board game soon with one of the more recent leaks hinting at a possible Fortnite crossover.

Discovered in early February, a bunch of Fortnite– inspired costumes were shared by a popular runaway on Twitter. According to the reveal, there are five new costumes in total named Llama, Cuddle Team Leader, Peely, Bunny Brawler, and Ripley. The Leaked Guess that the cosmetics in question could be added around Easter since the list includes Bunny Brawler – a popular skin already existing in Epic’s battle royale title. The discovery was made in datamining one of the last Fall guys updates, and given that every skin referenced literally Fortnite, there is a good chance that the leak is correct.

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Although the celebration of Valentine’s Day is officially over, Fall guysFans have time until February 16 to grab some great party skin. The bean costume in question is a red panda costume, which represents universal love given the sweetness and lovable nature of real pandas. Unfortunately, the offer isn’t free, but acquiring the full costume won’t cost players a fortune either. For just 1000 Kudos per coin, players can grab both the top and the bottom of the hide. The red panda costume was announced via a festive video on Twitter. In this one, a random player, who probably represents the Fall guys player community, is visited by a huge bean mascot, who probably masquerades as the game’s development team. The bean then continues to show the player several signs, each containing the phrase “I love you” in a different language. This loving demonstration ends with a small gift, a plush red panda, followed by genuinely happy hugs.

Fall guys recently received a massive mid-season 3.5 update containing an abundance of new content. The base addition was obviously a whole new level accompanied by over 40 existing arena variations. The update also included new Bean Costumes, which are expected to appear in-game successively over the coming weeks. Some of the older skins have returned to the in-game store, and finally, Season 3.5 fixed some minor bugs and introduced quality of life improvements.

It’s really satisfying that Mediatonic, the studio behind Fall guys, didn’t go for an obvious Cupid costume to treat fans on Valentine’s Day. Red pandas, on the other hand, are doing very well. They are adored all over the world because these sweetest animals represent the purest love through their innocent appearance and behavior. Additionally, the cause effectively raises awareness that red pandas are one of the endangered species that may one day become extinct completely if humans don’t take action to protect them.

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Fall guys is available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

Source: Fall Guys – Twitter

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