Fix Epson Printer Won’t Recognize The Ink Cartridge Issue

This is the right place. This blog will help you fix your Epson printer quickly and easily. Printers are everywhere, whether it’s in our homes or at work. Printers are the hardware that prints pages, and it is essential to care for them. Printers can have issues like Epson filter failed error, but it’s just a machine. Epson is a trusted name in the printer industry. Epson printers have a problem that they won’t recognize ink cartridges, even if installed correctly. This can be frustrating at times. Imagine that you need to print a file quickly, and your printer suddenly behaves bizarrely. This will cause you to be irritable.

Whoa! We have you covered, and these are some steps you can take to correct the error.

How to Fix Epson Printers that Don’t Recognize the Ink Cartridge

Insert One cartridge at a time

You can install one Cartridge filling machine at a time if you’re trying to install several new cartridges. It is possible that an error could occur with one cartridge, and if this happens, it is easy to identify which cartridge is being ignored by the printer.

Use the Print Troubleshooter

Windows Troubleshooter’s latest version comes with many errors fixing options. This could fix the problem of the printer not recognizing ink cartridges.

  • To open the search box, press the Windows Key +S.
  • Search for troubleshooter
  • Select Troubleshooter Menu from Settings
  • Click on the Printer option and click on ‘Run troubleshooter.
  • Select the printer model you wish to troubleshoot and click ‘Next’. Follow the suggested resolutions.

Troubleshooting the Error “The Cartridge Was Not Recognized by The Printer”

  1. Use the pointer (a) to determine which cartridge isn’t being recognized.
  2. Check to make sure the cartridge is authentic.
  3. Verify that the cartridges are compatible with your printer model.
  4. Make sure that the yellow tape is removed from the cartridge. Pull out the cartridge to check if the yellow tape has been removed. Remove the yellow tape and reinstall the cartridge as necessary.
  5. Because the connector chips are dirty, the cartridge isn’t being recognized by the printer. If the cartridge isn’t being recognized, you can gently remove it. Place it flat on a surface. Use a damp cloth to clean the contact chip. Place the cartridge in the socket gently. Verify that the error is fixed.
  6. Ink particles or dirt may be found on the contacts of the cartridge holder. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe them. Use alcohol-based cleaners to clean the fabric if the ink has dried.
  7. Position the cartridges in the correct slots and reinstall them.
  8. Check to make sure the plastic film has not been punctured. The cartridge should be reinstalled again. If the cartridge is correctly placed, it will make a clicking sound.
  9. An error light will flash if the cartridge isn’t installed correctly. If this happens, pull the cartridge out and reinstall it.
  10. Download and install the driver for your printer.


You can fix Epson Printer Will Not Recognize Ink Cartridge error by following these steps. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the cartridge. If you still get the same error message after replacing your cartridge, It could be that your printer is damaged. For further assistance, contact us.

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