Freelancing in 2022: Earning from Home Has Never Been This Easy

Freelancing has been around for centuries. Precisely, the word “freelance” dates back to the 19th century. In the book “The Life and Times of Hugh Miller,” Thomas N.Brown first used this term. So, now you know that freelancing is as powerful and relevant as any other working standard.

there is no denial of the fact that freelancing picked up pace in the 21st century. In 2017 alone, Upwork, a freelance job site, reported that freelance workforce growth outpaced overall U.S. workforce growth since 2014.

Only recently, the freelance economy boomed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, several professionals were either laid off or quit voluntarily to become part of the freelance industry. The Freelancer Fast 50 reported that an over 25 percent increase was seen in the industry even after the pandemic. It is also anticipated that freelance might outpace most of the U.S. workforce by 2027. Another recent prediction states that over 90 million freelancers in the United States alone will rule the industry by 2028.

Remote jobs are also not new and are not a result of the pandemic. A handful of companies in the United States encouraged flexible working standards like work from home and hybrid. However, there is no shame in claiming that the pandemic has taken remote work to its glory. After the massive pandemic restrictions in the country, companies were left with little choice but to shift their entire workforce to remote working standards. Hundreds of people work to live a healthy work-life balance through a hybrid work culture. It is currently impossible for the workers who have experienced working from home and the flexibility it brings to return to strict in-office schedules.

You might be wondering why freelancing and remote jobs are taking a high charge in society. Therefore, this article will discover why freelancing is becoming so popular. Also, read the entire article to find your next online job or click here

Technological Advancements

As technology advances, freelance and online jobs become easy to do. The comfort of working from home is now hard to replace. 4.4 million people in the United States quit their job last year. Amid the Great Resignation trend, people have discovered new ways to earn online and not tolerate the toxic work cultures of big corporations.

Companies have started offering remote jobs, keeping the current and future work mindset. The new talent, especially the younger generation of workers in the United States, prefer a healthy work-life balance which is only possible with a remote job. Technological advancement, specifically the availability of phone and internet bundles, has made work more manageable.

Although most workers in the United States face work difficulties with slow internet service, many have discovered the right internet service provider. Service providers like Cox have helped hundreds of remote workers with effective work performance. A freelancer requires a high-speed internet connection available at all times.

  • Cox bundles starting at $29.99/mo. Cox internet service is one of the most highly recommended services for those working from home. Suppose you are about to step into the freelance industry or seek a remote job. You first need to get a high-speed internet connection at home. With Cox internet, you will receive download speeds ranging from 25 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Not only this, but with Cox internet, you can get access to over 3 million Wi-Fi hotspots[BS1] . So, if you want to make the best out of your freelance opportunity by traveling to places while working, Cox Wi-Fi hotspots will help you. Not to forget the outstanding Cox customer service. Responsive customer service is a bonus to a stable internet connection. Cox servicio al cliente en Espanol is highly responsive customer service for the Spanish speakers.

Anyway, companies are yet struggling to find qualified staff. With the Great Resignation happening in full swing, millions of job openings await. Many companies are increasingly lured by relying on contractors that can hook them up with specialized workers. From prominent data experts and data analysts to A.I. and machine learning specialists, companies seek professionals for the foreseeable future. This has created a high opportunity for freelancers to use their skills and fill the low supply of eligible employees companies face.

Freelance Growing to Other Industries

Freelancing is not just for the creatives. Many people skip freelance opportunities thinking of it as a place for creative writers or designers. Well, freelancing is increasing, and it is now available for every skill type. Freelancing is high in demand, and almost every skill area can do this. However, the availability of a computer and internet connection is necessary.

People Choose to Freelance

One of the top reasons people leave their stable 9-5 jobs and join the freelance industry is a healthier work-life balance. According to a recent FlexJobs survey, 70 percent of respondents desire to become freelancers to achieve a better rhythm between their career and personal goals. Having a healthier work-life balance is surprisingly not the only reason people lure towards freelance opportunities.

56% of survey respondents said that having the freedom to work on their terms was a significant factor in choosing freelance opportunities. Working from anywhere, especially for homes, increased the choice of freelance for over 55% of the respondents in the FlexJobs survey. 46% of people said that they selected their projects. 36% listed increased productivity as their reason for joining the freelance industry.

Cost Reduction

You might think that freelance opportunities are only for the workers. The truth is that it is beneficial for both, employees, and employers. Unlike a full-time in-house job, remote or freelance work can help employers save more money. Employers can outsource a web designer or I.T. specialist when building a website without spending much on their in-house requirements. As a result, employers can dedicate this money to funding other aspects of the business.

Many companies were reluctant to work remotely after the pandemic-induced work transition. Employers were scared that employees would become less productive. In contrast, others feared cyber security blunders from the employees. Several studies proved that employees work more productively in remote settings than in-office routines. Keeping this and other factors in mind, many United States companies continue with remote working standards even after the pandemic.

On the other hand, employees and freelancers can save more money when working from home. Instead of buying expensive clothes or spending their hard-earned money on lunch, those working from home can save some money. Most freelancers and remote workers only require a high-speed internet connection and a computer. And as we said above, if you get connected with an internet service provider, like Cox internet, you can grab a package that suits your budget and fulfills your work demands.

However, starting as a freelancer is very affordable. To earn money on other projects, you can tap into different freelancing platforms like UpWork and Fiverr. As for marketing, you can use your social media networks to get more clients and not on networking.

Talent Pool

Compared to in-office employees, freelancers have more opportunities to develop their creative skills. Several diverse cultures and approaches facilitate the international market and cater to various industries. Freelancers adapt their activities and become more relevant to different industries.

Likewise, remote work and freelance platforms have helped employers increase their talent pool. Companies no longer have to deal with the country barrier and can get any talent on board as long they offer remote work terms.

Land Your Next Freelance Gig

There is no denial of the fact that freelance is growing. And after reading about all that is happening in the real world, you might want to start your journey today as a freelancer. While we are all cheers for the growing industry, it is not easy to land freelance gigs.

You might have a friend who earns hundreds of dollars through Fiverr encouraging you to become part of the freelance world, but you have to do some research.

There are a bunch of helpful tutorials on YouTube on how to land your next freelance gig. You can take inspiration from there. You can utilize social media to reach more people and offer your services. There is LinkedIn to help you with connections and networking. Also, many groups on social media platforms help new freelancers make connections by publishing their content on the forum.

More Ways to Earn Online

There are more ways to make a living with a remote job than joining Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelancing platforms.

While you are seeking a work opportunity to control your personal goals while achieving your professional goals, you must keep a few things in mind.

Your home-based freelance gig can quickly translate into a prolonged lifestyle, and you might service a lot more than what is expected from you. Many people who experienced working from home have landed themselves in a burnout situation. Working endless hours, spending more time in the home office, or thinking about work while sitting at the family table are just common alerts of leading life towards burnout.

Not to undermine the most alarming consequence of freelance work; isolation. If you have quit your 9-5 job or are thinking of doing so, you might miss your colleagues more. The office lifestyle helps in coping with lonely hours, and its benefits if you are a social person.

Once you are ready to switch your lifestyle by grabbing an online, work-from-home job, you are prepared for the suggestions below. While these are just a few online job options, you can try fishing for more based on your interest.

Sell Your Photos

Stock photography is in demand. There are vast repositories of photographs covering almost every subject in life that you can imagine. Photographers around the world upload several images to massive databases. Magazine editors, designers, or any organization that has access to the website can buy those images. Photos are sold all the time, and you can continue to make money without any effort.

Become a Copywriter

If you live in historic European cities, Greek Islands, or Latin America, you have some great income opportunities. Copywriting is an ideal situation for you. According to international living, you can become part of the mega copywriting industry and get paid in U.S. dollars. It will help you live the best life in your home while becoming fuel to fresh marketing messaging and high-quality copies.

Key Takeaways

Freelancing opportunities are endless. The growing industry has its arms open for a variety of skills. You can become a copywriter or teach English online. Set up a web development business, become a translator, or sell photos. However, everything boils down to grabbing a freelance opportunity and then finding a high-speed internet provider to perform your best.


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