GTA Leaks Hint At Upcoming Remaster For PS2 Trilogy

According to a number of rather reputable insiders, the GTA PS2 trilogy remasters may be in the works and may even be revealed soon.

Rumors of an impending GTA The PS2 trilogy remake announcement has been bubbling up for some time now. A lot of evidence is starting to fall into place indicating that some of these rumors might actually contain a little bit of water and that Rockstar might be giving away this beloved game trilogy (GTA 3, City of vice, and San Andreas) a whole new coat of paint.

The GTA The PS2 Trilogy is an incredibly popular trilogy. It was a key franchise not only for PlayStation 2 and Rockstar, but also for games. It really catapulted the idea of ​​an open-world 3D game, spawning games like Saints row and The Simpsons: Hit and Run. Yet there are very few games that match the ambition of these early GTA Games. This tradition has only continued, leading to GTA 5 being an unfathomable success with 140 million copies sold.

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Rumors of a GTA The PS2 trilogy began filming in January on the GTA Forums (via GTABase) with key users hinting fans won’t have to wait long to see it. In January, user Mach1bud said that a reveal would happen in about 90 days, which means the project will likely air around April or May. That would be right before Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar, has its next earnings call, which would make it prime time for an announcement. Rockstar also recently started hiring for a position that requires someone to capture the gameplay for the trailers.

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It’s unclear if this will be a remake from the ground up or if it will just be refined versions of the original games. Either way, Rockstar has a lot of manpower that would allow them to work on something like this without wasting resources on a game like Grand Theft Auto 6, which would be under development. Take-Two Interactive also recently ended a fan project that reverse-engineered the source code for GTA 3 and Vice City. This was intended to allow fans to port the game to other consoles like Nintendo Switch as well as add new mods. The withdrawal has been incredibly quick and could indicate that Rockstar is preparing to raise the curtain on the brand new version of the collection.

Since Rockstar is running rather slow, forcing fans to wait a long time for their games, it’s good to hear about a new project on the horizon. It’s unclear when the game might be released, but there’s a key date to come later this year. Grand Theft Auto 3 turns 20 in October, so it makes sense that Rockstar would want to celebrate the beloved GTA title in large, especially after the release of the game on mobile for its 10 years. It would also make a lot of sense given that GTA 6 is strongly supposed to take place in Vice City. As always, the rumors about it GTA remake must be taken with a large dose of salt, as Rockstar has yet to announce anything concrete.

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Source: GTABase

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