Harley Quinn Cheats Death Because Neither Heaven Or Hell Wants Her

Is Harley Quinn inherently good or bad? Heaven and hell can’t decide, and neither place wants to face the inevitable chaos she brings with her.

Warning: spoilers for Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey # 4 are ahead!

Few villains in comic book history have experienced a redemption arc as large as Harley quinn. While her television and comic book debut portrayed her as nothing more than Joker’s romantic partner in crime, Harley Quinn has grown a lot since her time. Batman: The Animated Series. Giving up on the Joker and leaving Gotham was a game-changer for the former henchman, who now fights alongside DC heroes on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean she’s a perfect angel. Harley’s moral alignment is complicated to the point that not even God and Satan can agree on her membership in Heaven or Hell.

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In Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti’s Black Label Series Finale Harley Quinn and the birds of prey, the chaotic clown spoils things badly after a romantic getaway to a desert island with Poison Ivy going horribly wrong. After intentionally leaving their boat adrift in the hopes of spending more time alone with her “Rosebud, “Harley sets off a chain of events that leads to her Coney Island hotel, the Dreamin ‘Seaman, to be set on fire by a loan shark – leaving her friends homeless and her best friend, Big Tony, in the hospital. brutally killing the Usurer’s Cretins, she agrees to pay off her debt, but to acquire the necessary funds, Harley steals from the Joker’s secret vault, causing her even more problems … and right on the threshold of death.

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After enduring physical torture at the hands of her ex-homicide, Harley is rescued by Poison Ivy, but the trauma is too severe and her soul is sent to the afterlife. Standing outside the pearly doors in nothing but her birthday costume (and a few well-placed clouds), she faces her final judgment from God and the devil. But there’s a catch: neither entity can get along on Harley’s place. God indicates that Harley’s brutal body count is proof that she belongs to hell, but the devil is quick to remind God that Heaven is full of people who have killed in their lives too, and Harley does not kill. than “bad guys.Even Harley struggles to decide where she belongs, and ultimately Heaven and Hell agree that neither wants to deal with the chaos her soul would bring to their kingdom.

And so Harley’s soul is sent back to Earth in the hopes of living a very, very long life. After recovering her body, Ivy informs her that she has been in a coma for almost four months. Although she was successful in cheating death, she still needs several weeks of therapy before she gets back on her feet. While several members of the Birds of prey attempts to help nurse Harley regain her health, it is the soft-spoken Cassandra Cain who has the most success in her physical rehabilitation. Her body recovered, Harley returns to Coney Island and finds that her friends have rebuilt her house and Ivy has forgiven her.

Part of what makes Harley quinn such a popular character is that she fully embraces the chaotic good in her nature. She has a rather dark past despite her bubbly personality, however, Harley also goes out of her way to help those in need. It is someone who will free the animals from a shelter, but also someone who will hit a complete stranger for having looked badly. He’s a complicated character who can’t be defined by labels as simple as hero or villain – or even good or bad.

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