Here’s What Batman ’89’s Redesigned Characters Might Look Like

DC Comics just announced a new series that will follow the events of Batman Returns and artist Joe Quinones has given fans a first look.

A new era of DC Comics is on the horizon as they just announced that Tim Burton’s World of 1989 Batman The film will continue in a new digital comic book series. Joe Quinones, who will design the upcoming new series, shared several character concepts for the series, titled Batman ’89. Concept art shows what some of the advertised characters might look like. The new series will be written by screenwriter Sam Hamm with works by Quinones and will debut July 27 on digital platforms.

Batman ’89 continue the adventures of the caped crusader of Michael Keaton. The series will pick up the threads left after Batman Returns, bringing Burton’s world to life in comic book form. It will explore the original characters from the films, allowing readers to pick up where they left off by taking many fan-favorite aspects and adapting them in new and exciting ways. Characters like Catwoman will return to the streets of Gotham, with all-new creations that will usher in new tales. Quinones’ designs give enthusiastic fans a taste of the style of DC’s first digital series.

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Surprisingly, this is not the first time that a project like this has been featured. In 2015, Quinones worked on a version of the newly announced series. After the pitch failed, Quinones posted a blog post containing several images of his concept art for the discontinued Batman miniseries. He has now shared footage of new concept art on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, its old and new concepts are based on the general aesthetic of the Burton films. However, there are a few differences in the design of the Dark Knight, with the concepts having some minor tweaks. The other characters, especially Commissioner Gordon, have changed a lot and draw inspiration from other sources.

Batman 89 Concept Art 1

It’s worth pointing out that these are just initial concepts, so there’s a good chance the final designs seen in the July series will be different. However, the bat costume is currently a mix of Burton’s Batman, by Frank Miller. The return of the dark knightand Bruce Timm’s Batman: The Animated Series. The distinctive glowing eyes are inspired by the animated series, while the overall look of his costume is almost the same as the one Keaton wore outside of the cape, which has a blue tint that differs from the black cape in the movies. Quinones seems to be taking more artistic liberties with this new version compared to its version discontinued in 2015. Plus, the Under Armor concept is something that hasn’t been seen in the movies. But attentive fans will recognize the design from when Batman Returns came out, as a figurine with the same design was released. Quinones’ sketch was likely inspired by the unused costume from the movie.

Batman 89 Concept Art 2

Along with the armor, another action figure from 1992 was sold by retailers. This figure was Robin, who did not appear in Batman Returns despite the publicity with the film’s collectibles. In the DC Comics announcement, they confirmed that a new version of Robin would debut in the series, therefore, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that they could build on this unused concept as well. Bruce Wayne himself is quite different from Keaton’s look, as the artist notes alongside his character concepts, he has a stronger jawline, flatter nose, and wavy hair. Her hair isn’t just brown like Keaton’s original look, as this version of Bruce is older and her hair is graying, establishing that a considerable amount of time has passed since then. Batman Returns‘ finish. Another difference with the 2015 concept of Quinones is that Gordon has changed a lot, resembling a look closer to Batman: The Animated Series as Pat Hingle’s version.

Batman 89 Concept Art 3

While there are many similarities, it is clear that the designs have moved on while maintaining a style similar to the now-dead 2015 project. In the abandoned concept, characters like Two-Face, Robin, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy were reportedly incorporated into the Burton verse. Ultimately, all of these characters have a good chance of appearing on the show. But over time the plans are bound to change and these initial concepts are a good guide to what some of the Batman the characters in the series might look like and who might appear.

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