How Can You Make Your Partner Feel Special in a Long-Distance Relationship?

Thinking Outside the Box by Thinking Inside the Box
So there’s a bit of enigma in the title of this opening section. How can you think outside the box by thinking inside the box? Well, today’s subscription box services, of course! That said, if you’re in a long-distance relationship, and you want to keep the fire alive, you’ve got an uphill climb ahead of you.

Certainly, a long-distance relationship is totally “doable”. You can maintain this in a healthy way, and eventually, one way or another, the two of you will likely be together. Still, it’s going to take work. A great way to give yourself a “leg up” in this area is “recurring” gifts designed to make your significant other feel special. To that end, subscription boxes are perfect.

If you’ve got a lady in your life, she would likely love a monthly flower box. There are personalization options you can explore so that every month she gets something that’s either new or shows a new side of you. Maybe you include a unique message with each box. Some services will even allow you to do all the prep work in advance, depending.

This is a great option to make someone feel special. Here we’ll explore a few similar tactics you might want to think about as you go about keeping your long-distance relationship at its healthiest.

  1. Send Flowers to Their Place of Work Unannounced
    If you’re dating a schoolteacher, buy a bouquet of flowers and dictate a message a few weeks in advance. Know when it will be delivered, and be free when she calls to thank you. She will, and she’ll likely be overwhelmed; especially if you have a large bouquet sent.
  2. Plan Visits to Their Place of Residence at intervals
    If you live in Miami and she lives in Minneapolis, that’s a long distance! However, you can still plan a trip, and it can be fun for both of you. She’ll have a staycation, you’ll have a vacation with your sweetheart. Get in the habit of this, and it’s like either of you has a vacation home across the country. That’s pretty nice, actually, and an advantage of such a relationship.
  3. Keep in Touch Online, on the Phone, and in Print
    Certainly, social media and “Facetime” are common features of modernity, as is the traditional telephone. However, people have forgotten about the value of a basic letter. People wrote love letters in times of yore and kept them so long, some became heirlooms; they were valued that much. All you’ve got to do is write a letter, add something special, stamp it and send it.

Nurturing Long-Distance Relationships Until They Bloom
Long-distance relationships are tough, but if you’re strong enough to meet the challenge, they can be quite rewarding.

Flower box subscriptions, printed “snail mail” letters, social media interaction, telephone conversations, planned visits, and sending flowers unannounced t their place of work all represent great ways of keeping the long-distance fire of your relationship ablaze with passion and excitement.


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