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How Can You Use Red Tiles For Your Home?

Red tiles should be your first choice if you want to create eye-catching color schemes for your house because they infuse modern designs with vitality and excitement. Red tiles are frequently avoided by homeowners when they start remodeling.  Although this color is bold and sophisticated, it’s also chic, comfortable, and gives a little drama to an otherwise subdued space. If you want to add color and character to your house, you could go with simple red tiles, but you can also find tiles that match your style and personality by experimenting with different patterns and designs. These tiles are rich as well, and the variety of colors can serve to accentuate other, more subdued colored tiles.

These tiles complement both traditional and bright styles, making them a double-edged sword. These are the main locations that could benefit from them: 


Kitchen walls and floors frequently feature red tiles because they exude warmth and fire. Slabs would be perfect if you were intending to remodel the floors and counters, but glass tiles would work best for wall and backsplash decoration. The magic happens in the kitchen, which has vibrant red tiles. They provoke a wide range of emotions and challenge the room’s silence.


The bathroom is one of the spaces where you can experiment with bold colors, unlike other rooms, and nothing says passion like red. While chrome, blue, or white tiles are a safe choice, most bathrooms stick to these fairly conventional colors. Red tiles are a great choice for any bathroom renovation or new construction. Use these tiles sparingly so they don’t overpower the room if you want to give your bath time a hint of luxury and glitz. Darker color schemes can give the impression that a space is smaller, while lighter color schemes can make small bathrooms appear larger. Red tiles work well on countertops.

Living areas 

Because carpets and wall murals are so commonplace to homeowners, tiles are frequently disregarded. Red tiles are the best option for adding character to tiling, which can completely change any living space. Before using tiles, you should take into account three main factors: the existing decor, ease of maintenance, and durability. Red tiles, such as our Castle Brick Porcelain, can add a radiant touch to a living area when used properly, but they must match the furniture and accessories. If you have a strong preference for vivid and lovely hues, these tiles would look great in your bedroom. However, you should avoid using the color excessively and instead pair it with lighter hues. 

Color schemes that work with Red:

White, Scarlet and Teal

When combined with red tiles, the cool tones of scarlet and teal make a statement in your living area.  This color scheme strikes the ideal balance between being vibrant, warm, and subdued. The red tiles, especially when contrasted with teal accents, will keep the space feeling fresh if your walls are white. 

Navy Blue, Red and White

Because of its vibrancy, this color scheme is ideal for people with an adventurous spirit. It’s ideal for the bedroom, where you can match the tiles with striped walls to give the space a more modern feel and mix different patterns for the bedding.

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