How Eris Morn Became Destiny 2’s Greatest Villain (In Another Timeline)

Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, Eris Morn has become one of the most terrible villains in the Destiny universe in the alternate timeline of a new in-game lore book.

Eris Morn has been a key figure throughout the destiny franchise, but a recent knowledge book added with the latest expansion for Destiny 2: Beyond the light, details a grim future where Eris becomes a focal point for the shapeless darkness and, in so doing, dooms the rest of the universe to a terrible fate. As fans of the series know, the destiny The franchise tends to run its history through brief quest snippets, the lore tabs that come with exotic weapons and armor, and finally the lore books that are often earned by completing in-game achievements called Triumphs. In Beyond the light, a new book of knowledge simply titled Dark future was added so the Guardians could be unlocked, and inside was found some sort of diary, detailing a disturbing and somewhat haunting alternate timeline.

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The book details the journey of Elisabeth Bray (formerly known as Exo Stranger) and her sister Ana, as they gather the disparate survivors of a catastrophic event known as the bombing to make one last attempt to conquer the darkness and its new figurehead, Eris Morn. Make no mistake, this is definitely the dark future – key figures such as Ikora Rey or the Drifter are already dead, while others have become haggard shadows of their former selves, such as the now former Commander Zavala. . The book in general paints a grim picture of Guardians turned dark, of the Traveler abandoning humanity, and of a universe engulfed in Darkness.

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The story continues with a motley group comprising the Bray sisters, Zavala, Awakened Queen Mara Sov, the Warmind Rasputin (now in a shiny new Exo body), and a disparate collection of Fallen and Cabal capturing the traveler (using the same Dominus Ghaul’s method did this during the Red War) and bring him back to the Sol system using the massive Leviathan ship requisitioned. There is a decisive battle on the moon’s surface between these remnants and the forces of darkness – the Hive, the Taken, and an army of Dark Guardians led by Eris Morn, who at this point probably qualifies as the strongest villain. never seen in the destiny franchise.

How Eris Morn Became Powerful

Destiny 2 Eris Morn Character Art

Such a statement requires some explanation, since the Destiny 2 the player character has at this point defeated literal gods, such as Oryx, the Taken King. The first is the army of Eris which, along with the hordes of Hive and Taken, contains a large amount of Dark Guardians, evil versions of those same characters who were able to defeat the gods. The second is a clue from Eris, who says that by mastering the Darkness Eris was able to subjugate Savathûn, another of the Hive Gods, to do whatever she wanted.

In this dark future, the forces of light fail – the remaining allies are defeated, Mara Sov is slain, and Zavala destroys the Scarlet Keep and Savathûn there, along with himself, in a blinding display of the power of the Traveler. Ana betrays Elisabeth, revealing that she was allied to Eris Morn all the time, twisted by darkness. All seems lost, until the Traveler bursts into light and Elizabeth finds herself in the past.

It ends with confirmation that Elisabeth has been trapped in this time loop for a very long time, with the forces of darkness still winning, the light still failing, and Eris Morn still becoming that go-to villain. However, Elisabeth’s dialogue in Beyond the light himself suggests that this will not be how things will turn out in the canon destiny universe – the player character has already made changes to this timeline, so the result may not necessarily be the same. It’s unclear if the bleak future itself is still due, as the ominous name Witch queen and Lightfall upcoming extensions to Destiny 2 certainly seem to hint at a darker path.

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