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So I started a thread to get to know others in my area and away from the main page, with my friend – Jim Sorley. To avoid spamming the thread, I’m not going to mention who has participated in this thread. I have found some very interesting discussions and insights, and I hope others have had similar success.

One thing I always ask people who visit here is to help me get started in the right direction with tools. I find it much easier to learn from others who have more experience with the subject and offer suggestions than from a random poster.

So I am going to share with you the next tool I am using to be a stronger player. It is called Stack

How I use it:

I use the Stack for competitive play. When I am trying to play the game as fast as I can to increase my win rate, this gives me the highest scores. This gives me the same score as the top 20 players when I am playing at 100% speed. The biggest difference is that I am not spending my energy – I am not wasting time moving spaces, or moving from one area to another.

How do you use Stack?

Practice your skills by playing the game at least 5 times.

Move your ship and then assign the same amount of rooms to multiple ships at a time.

Open up the map and make the walls go up and down as you move ships in and out.

What are the downsides?

If your speed is fast, the game can be very frustrating at times. Do not let yourself get down on yourself if you miss a shot or something just goes wrong. Just reload, get up, and move on. The more you move through the game, the more you learn.

You have to be somewhat realistic about how fast you want to play. Too fast, and you are likely to burn out on the game.

Meddles in mind. If you are going to use Stack, you must be able to follow the order of steps as well as the function. If the order is not set properly, the game will not work.

The learning curve is steep. The tool does most of the work for you, and you need to be able to follow it.

How much can you use Stack?

Since I have taken my game to a higher level with the use of Stack, I can use it a lot. I do not use it every game, and I do not use it a lot. However, for longer and more competitive games, I am going to have to increase the amount I use it. I will leave the exact amounts to be determined as I continue to learn the game, and there may be times when I use more.

If you have used Stack, what did you like about it? What did you like less about it? Any feedback? I am looking for lots of input, and I would love to know if people use Stack, how much, for how long, what they are using it for, etc.


Another tool that I have used and that I feel works well is:

This site gives lots of difficulty levels for solving problems, based on levels in Chess. The site itself is easy to use and has a lot of interesting and detailed explanations about each level. It is very user-friendly. It is also very challenging. Many chess players play this at the highest difficulty levels and use it to sharpen their chess skills.

This site gives instructions on how to use Spacemaster for Playstation. I find it hard to imagine how someone could be so out of touch with the gaming world as to believe this idea is worthy of downloading. Just too old school, too easy.


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