How it is bring revolution in field of Medical Science

Medical field is evolving and with every new day comes new changes which mankind is benefitting and its making life easier for physicians to diagnose diseases in a better way. Medical Imaging is also evolving with time and previously those areas which were thought to be unaccessible are now included in day to day procedure. 

Portable imaging devices are new future of medical imaging field. Just like a mobile phone we will be able to carry it woth ourself and will be available widely in cheaper rates because with emerging advancments more and more devices will be available because of more and more investment in this field 

If you want thrieve in field of have take few steps in medical imaging because imagining department work as backbone of a running hospital because your A and E department is nothing with emergency imagining facility. you won’t get any accreditation from your lisence issuing agency for your hospital. If you want to make investment in a hospital first think of investing in radiology department. provides you will a complete solution of all medical imaging devices. There customer care services are just amazing as there website. 


Medical imaging includes wide range of equipments starting from basic to more advance. We will be discussing it in details in following paragraphs. 

X-ray: Xray are here from the start of medical profession. Previously they were in analog form with poor quality but they used to of an amazing help for diagnosis of a disease. Now with availability of digital services, digital xrays provide you an amazing imagine of bones, and underlying soft tissues. 

You will need to have a room where you will set a xray machine but controller of xray machine will be placed in a room where is a xray lead shield so xrays can’t penetrate that room and person operating it doesnt get affected from radiations. Room in which you have kept this device should have walls thicker then usual wall of the building 


This is another amazing invention for medical science. It givens real time imagines of whats going inside our body. It has a screen connected to a cpu with software installed in it and different kind of probes which are used for multipurposes. Straight probe is used for soft tissues lying close to skin while curved probe is used to dig inside deeper. It a portable device and can be easily moved around from patient to patient and ward to ward. 

With ultrasound we can easily diagose abdominal soft tissue pathologies. Like Gallstones, acute pancreatitis, ascities, pathologies related to urinary system, reproductive system ,etc. 

Ct scan: Its like modified xray device but with more power and accuracy. Its a big device more advanced from xray. It has movable table, ct scan rotator and a console attached to it in another room. 

Hard structures like bones related pathologies can be easily diagnosed with it and now a days we are seeing advance therapies like ct scan guided biopsies etc

These were some examples of medical imaging, this doesnt ends here and has many more departments, if you want to make a full fledge department you have to dedicate a complete building for it.

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