How Much Should 250 Business Cards Cost?

Printed business cards are a necessary part of a successful business strategy. The number of potential clients will influence how many cards you order and what they will cost. There are several online printing companies where you can get high-quality business cards for an affordable price. Primoprint is one of these services. It offers a variety of design options, including spot gloss UV, silk laminate, and stamp foil. Pricing starts at $97 for a package of 250 2.5″ x 2.5″ front only cards.

When choosing a business card designer, consider your budget and the nature of your business. A standard business card is white with a matte texture. A creatively shaped business card is a sure-fire home run for a seasoned investment banker. However, remember that die-cutting custom shapes will increase the cost of the total number of cards. Also, take into consideration the printing method and type of card stock.

If you want an expensive design for your business card, consider hiring a designer to create your logo. This service will likely cost you between $500 and $2,000. A high-quality designer will create custom colors and cut edges that can be customized to match your business’s branding and colors. The price will go higher if you want to use foil accents or special papers. And you can also get slogans and other perks like custom business cards.

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