How Pauly D Spoiled Girlfriend Nikki Hall On Valentine’s Day

Pauly D showed his love for his girlfriend Nikki Hall on Valentine’s Day with balloons, chocolates and a gift. Nikki also spoiled Pauly with a cake.

Nikki Hall is a lucky girl. After being in a serious relationship for quite some time now, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Star DJ Pauly D showed his love for his girlfriend by spoiling her on Valentine’s Day. They both showed off their special gifts for each other on Instagram. Pauly and Nikki have been officially dating for almost a year now. They made their relationship official when they quarantined themselves at Pauly’s in Las Vegas. Fans recently watched Nikki meet Pauly’s longtime roommates for the first time, during which Mike “The Situation” said Nikki could be “the one“for Pauly.

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Throughout the original series of Jersey Shore, Pauly D has always been the fun, laid back roommate. His roommates and fans never thought they would see the day Pauly settled into a serious relationship. Pauly first met Nikki on the show Double blow to love. Although the show is still single, Pauly knew he had feelings for Nikki. They then resolved their differences to give their relationship a second chance. They quickly got serious and Pauly even introduced Nikki to his daughter.

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Pauly D spoiled his girlfriend Nikki for Valentine’s Day this year. He shared a photo of Nikki surrounded by gifts on his Instagram history. The table was covered with balloons. While there were mostly simple red heart balloons, there was also a large heart that said “I love you,as well as two large teddy bear-shaped balloons. A neatly wrapped box was in front of the balloons, potentially a new purse or item of clothing. In front of the gift were two heart-shaped candy boxes. Nikki was seen opening one of the two cards Pauly chose for her. The photo was taken from the side, making sure to capture all the balloons and gifts. Although Nikki’s hair falls in front of her face, a big smile Nikki was visibly on vacation wit, as she was wearing a pink summer dress with little red hearts all over it.

Pauly D / Nikki Hall Instagram

Pauly was not left out for the sake of Valentine’s Day. The day before Valentine’s Day, Nikki took to her own Instagram story to show Pauly her surprises. She posted a video of a red heart cake that said “Be mine“The cake was on a table filled with rose petals in front of a bunch of red and gold balloons. She captioned the video,”I can surprise him too, right ?!“Nikki later bragged about the quality of the cake by cutting the first slice. She also reposted Pauly’s post, thanking her.”like“for spoiling her with gifts.

With a net worth like Pauly’s, it’s no wonder Nikki is spoiled. It is not known if the couple are officially living together. However, Nikki obviously spends a lot of her time at Pauly’s in Las Vegas. Nikki will continue to reappear on future episodes of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

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Source: Pauly D / Instagram, Nikki Hall / Instagram

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