How to convert Docx to pdf (5 Best Ways)

Converting Docx to PDF is an ideal way to change the word file into a high-quality PDF file format. Generally, PDF documents can not be saved on your computer easily but these file formats can be shared with different people online through different platforms. Due to their compact and small size, the document will be attached to the emails easily. When it comes to transforming word (doc or docx) files as PDFs, then aim for the tool that preserves the original document quality. And, for that, give a try to free and best docx to pdf converter by that specifically functions to convert docx file to pdf document format online.

Although there are many ways to turn doc into pdf file, we shortlisted a few ways that work best for such document conversion.

In this article, we explain how to convert a Docx file to a PDF file.

HiPDF – Word to PDF Converter Online 100% Free

HiPDF is one of the best Docx to PDF converters since it has unique features. It provides you with a good platform to save Docx as PDF online free with a few clicks. Like other online converters, HiPDF is not a complicated way as it easy-to-use. Browser-based HiPDF supports different whether you can use Mac, Windows, or Linux since it will work perfectly on each and every OS. It has a user interface and a friendly tool therefore you do not need to about getting confused.

How to use the Docx file to PDF converter online free:

  • First of all, upload the Word document file into Word to PDF Converter.
  • HiPDF will fastly upload the file into the designated box.
  • Once the uploading is complete, click the Convert button.
  • Wait for conversion from Docx to PDF, then click the download button to save the files.

Online2PDF Word to PDF Converter

Online2PDF is a professional as well as a convenient way to export Docx as PDF files. Unlike most Docx to PDF converters online, you can also be merging different PDF files, unlock them, and even edit the PDF file with this tool. All you need to do is just click on the button and then select the word files that you want to change to PDF documents. On the other hand, you can convert up to 20-word files at the same time but it is noticeable that each file size should not be more than 50 MB.

How to use the Docx file to PDF converter online free:

  • Firstly, you need to upload or drag & drop the file into the converter
  • Once you upload your word file, then make tap on the convert button to proceed with the conversions.
  • In the end, you just click on the download button to save your files into your storage device.

With a beautiful interface and no advertisement, this software is very efficient and popular to convert PDF files and vice versa. An online Docx to PDF converter allows you to change Docx files to Adobe PDF without any effect on the formatting. Make Doc and Docx easy to read once you convert them into PDF file format. Moreover, you can transform a word file into an easy-to-share PDF document on different platforms instantly. This software is free to use and your files are secured since your files are deleted automatically from the server. You should try it!

How to use the Docx file to PDF converter online free:

  • Drag and drop or upload MS Word (DOC or DOCX) file in this word file to the pdf converter
  • Click on the “Convert” button to start the word file to PDF converting process
  • You can save converted PDF documents by downloading file to your system storage

Smallpdf Docx to PDF Converter Online

Smallpdf is the best platform to perform conversions from Word to PDF file format and vice versa. With this helpful online converter, you can change files simply and accurately within the same layout and same formatting. The best thing about this software is that you can file from different cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Once your files are converted by using Docx to pdf converter, then the file can be emailed or uploaded to a specific cloud service. Moreover, you can also be used this software to split or merge different PDF files at the same time.

How to Convert  MS Word to PDF file Online for Free:

  • Just drag and drop any Docx document onto the converter page.
  • Wait until this tool converts the uploaded MS Word file to PDF format.
  • On the result page, you can preview and continue editing if needed.
  • Click on the “Download” button to save your PDF file instantly.

iLovePDF MS Word to PDF Converter Online

With the help of iLovePDF, you will easily turn Docx into PDF in a couple of seconds. This converter helps to read docx file easily by transforming them into a PDF file format. Docx to PDF converter works on Mac and Windows and is also the best web application to edit the PDF file with complete ease. This converter works accurately and efficiently with digital documents and keeps the data secure. The online tool is the best and free as well as easy to use and it takes only a few seconds to proceed with the conversions. 

How to Convert Word MS to PDF file Online for Free:

  • First of all, select the doc file you want to convert from your computer, cloud storage, or also drag and drop the file to start the conversion process.
  • Click on the Convert to PDF button.
  • Your PDF has been formed! Then save it and click on the Download PDF button or store it in your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

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