How To Enable Dark Mode On Android & Why You Should

The latest Android app to support the dark mode theme is Google Maps. Here’s how to turn it on and dim those lights while driving around town.

Google Maps is the latest Android app to get its own Dark Mode, giving users an additional way to adjust the experience to better suit their individual needs or the environment. Rolling out a dark mode has been a major trend over the past year or so, and it’s no surprise that switching from light to dark has additional benefits.

Dark mode and themes have popped up consistently over the past year or so. Besides that Google has already rolled out dark mode support on some of its apps, such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides, while testing it for others, including Chrome, WhatsApp and even Whitehouse’s website also have added support for dark themes lately. These are just a few examples, with a slew of apps now able to switch between a light and dark theme as needed.

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Google has confirmed that Google Maps will support dark mode. Officially, the update is expected to start rolling out in the coming weeks, so it may take some time for an individual Android phone or tablet to get support. However, once available, Dark Mode can be activated through the settings menu. Just open Maps, tap the profile icon in the top right corner, then tap Themes. From there there will be a “Still in the dark theme»To activate dark mode. This will remain in effect permanently, although it can be turned off again by heading to the same section and pressing “Theme always clearinstead. Of course, Android device owners can also set the Maps theme to match the theme used system-wide, instead of enabling light or dark mode independently.

Why it’s worth turning on dark mode

Screenshots of the Google Maps Pay for Parking feature

While dark mode is not for everyone, there are some obvious advantages to using dark mode. First, it is widely understood that the darker theme can help reduce eye strain and especially at night. However, there is also a benefit for the battery. Dark mode uses less power than bright mode, so consumers can expect their devices to stay powered for longer when they’re turned on. This can be particularly beneficial for those taking a long road trip and relying on Maps for their route.

Another benefit specific to using Maps is general lighting. With Dark Mode enabled, drivers won’t have to worry as much about bright light shining in the car, reducing the risk of distraction. In fact, it might not only benefit drivers, but also those walking around town when using Maps as a guide, and again, especially at night. Whatever the benefits, turning dark mode on and off on Google Maps is easy to do, so it will be worth it for Android users to try it out the next time they’re on their way to see if it does. works for them.

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