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How to Fix a Maytag Top Load Washer That Won’t Start

It may seem like you can start your washing machine with your eyes closed after a few loads. When your Maytag top-loading washing machine is loaded, and the start button is pushed, what should you do? First of all, make sure it’s getting enough power. Use these troubleshooting tips for a top-loading washing machine that won’t start.

Please note that any Maytag washer repair issue can be solved by the local appliance repair specialists in your area. If you have a serious problem with your appliance – schedule a professional service now.

How to Fix a Non-Starting Maytag Top Load Washer

In case of failure of any component and the need for professional repair, there are also self-repair options when the Maytag top-loading washing machine does not turn on. Here is how to determine the malfunction and its most likely causes.

Issues With Incoming Power

Without reliable and sufficient electrical power, a Maytag top-load washer won’t operate. Evaluate the power sources of the washing machine as follows:

  • Examine the outlet: The power wire for the washer should be correctly plugged in. Unplug the washer and plug in a small electronic item to test the outlet’s functionality.
  • Avoid using extension cables since they can’t consistently deliver the voltage the washer needs, which might cause power interruptions.
  • Check your home’s circuit breaker box for tripped breakers before resetting the circuit breaker. Even if none are, turn off the washer’s circuit breaker, wait 5–10 seconds, and then turn it back on to reset it.

Control Lock Has Been Enabled

If your Maytag washing machine has electricity but won’t start, make sure the proper functions are chosen on the control panel. All control panel features will be locked if the Control Lock option is turned on, avoiding an unintentional start. If the relevant button is lighted, Control Lock is engaged. Press and hold the Control Lock button for 3 seconds to disable the function.

Additionally, look for any problem codes on the control panel that can explain why your Maytag top-load washer won’t turn on. To figure out the significance of the code and how to fix the issue, see your user handbook.

Faulty User Control Panel

If you do not activate the washing cycle by pressing and holding the “Start” button for 3 seconds, the Maytag top-loading washing machine will not start. Do some buttons on the control panel work, but others do not? There is a possibility that the control panel is broken. The control panel should be replaced if there is electricity in the washing machine, but the display on the control panel is dark or if only some of the buttons are lit.

Lid Switch Defect

The top-loading washer will not run unless the lid is fully closed and the lid switch is activated as a safety measure. The lid switch must be activated for the washer-dryer to begin the wash cycle. In addition, some control panels have a lid lock indicator light that turns on when the lid is closed, and the wash cycle begins.

The following symptoms might be present if a lid switch on a top-load washer fails:

  • My washer is not spinning
  • The cover lock indicator is off.
  • The lid switch does not “click” when the lid is closed.

The lid switch must be changed if any of these symptoms are present and fails a multimeter test due to a loss of continuity.


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